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TOP 5 beautiful design hotel comb 2017

The most beautiful hotel comb products in the Star Solutions collection. Detailed images and descriptions of combs L04, L13, L15, L19, L68

L 04 clear handle hotel comb

The design of the Hotel L 04 is considered to be a “super product” in the  collection 2017. The product is designed from modern and luxurious plastic materials in the highest level, combination with exquisitely crafted colored strips on the inside giving the comb a distinct look.

L04 is manufactured on modern technology to ensure smooth surface, no edges, curved lines and extremely meticulous. This is definitely the perfect choice for the amenities of modern design hotels.

Lược khách sạn cán trong đổ màu L 04
L 04 clear handle hotel comb

L 13  Hotel comb

L13 is a hotel comb is being used by many hotels today, because of the outstanding advantages of design and price. With just over 1,000 VND / product, your hotel will own this classy comb.

L13 is made from 100% high resilience plastic, super durable and high ductility, never worry about bending or folding. The handle also has the striking horizontal lines not only increase the appearance but also improve the quality and aesthetics of the product.

The Outside look is also a plus point for L 13 , the product with the main color is white milk, the handle is decorated with plastic strip of all colors, making the product looks more eye-catching.

Mẫu lược khách sạn L 13 cán đục
The L 13 hotel comb

L 15 hotel folding comb

Ensuring 3 criterias: beautiful, convenient and quality, this hotel L 15 is the most popular product. The comb is designed in a very compact folding form.

The comb is divided into two parts: Teeth and handles, these two parts are joined together by clever articulation in the middle. The handle is designed quite handy, able to cover and protect the teeth from exposure and impact from the outside. The product is entirely made from high-grade plastic, ensuring the absolute safety quality for the user.

Lược khách sạn dáng gấp L 15
L 15 Hotel folding comb

L 19 hotel folding comb with massage function

The hotel’s signature product line draws customers attention by its unique design and personality.  L 19 is designed quite strange in the form of folding comb with excellent folding.

The handle and the combs of the L19 are fitted with extremely fine couplings, which not only ensure high reliability but also aesthetically pleasing. This comb is designed in two versions, gives hotel owners more choice.

The superiority of this product is in the design of the exterior. With a glossy surface, there are plenty of areas to design and print logos, moreover, with high quality plastic, the ability to mold extremely well, ensuring the logo is printed in the most beautiful and clear

Lược khách sạn dáng gấp, đầu răng matxa L 19
L 19 hotel folding comb with massage function

The Best Selling L 68 Hotel comb

With the perfect combination between the classic and modern elements, it is no surprise that L 68 is the TOP of the best design hotels in 2017. The product is refined from the old style with the design from the front to the back. The delicate little teeth are reasonably proportioned, the small rounded tips ensure a safe and pleasant for the user, but still can brush and deepen.

The beauty of this hotel is not only in the design, but also in the material itself. L 68 is made from resin material, is one of the high-grade materials, is highly regarded for luxury and class.

Lược khách sạn bán chạy nhất L 68
The Best Selling L 68 Hotel comb

You have consulted through TOP 5 comb and is currently the most selected. If any investor wants to find out and design the  hotel comb for such classy models, please contact Star Solutions – the leading provider of hotel supplies and equipment in Vietnam.  

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