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TOP 5 HOT resin sets in hotel rooms currently

Resin sets in hotel rooms is beautiful, quality and best seller at Star Solutions. Image and description of resin kit RS06, 08, 12, 14, 22

Not only have the appearance of luxury and attractiveness, the quality of  the amenities in the hotel made of resin material is also highly appreciated by many professionals. A set of products in the room with a style, color in harmony with the design space, will help the hotel room more luxurious and comfortable.

In the article today, we invite you to Star Solutions through the design materials in resin materials that are many hotels selected and increasingly receive the love from tourists.

Bộ đồ trong phòng khách sạn bằng resin RS 06
RS 06 resin hotel set

RS 06 resin hotel set

The design of the RS 06 set is designed according to a certain order, we have the feeling, this product is formed from the pieces of natural stone is honed grinding, coupled with each other in straight lines.

The uniqueness of this product lies in their design and color, when first seen this kit, surely many would think that this is a kit made of Natural granite rather than plastic resin. The resin RS 06 set in the hotel room includes items such as paper boxes , flower vases, toothbrushes , amenities trays, liquid containers (hand washers, shampoos, shower gel), …

Bộ đồ trong phòng khách sạn bằng resin RS 08
RS 08 hotel suit by resin

RS 08 hotel suit by resin

Surely, no one would think that the RS 08 set is made of resin, which would thing  they have been made from high quality glass or crystal.

The details in the suit are designed with luxury black tones, extremely smooth and high gloss in the surface. The base of the products is quite thick design with transparent colors, make their designs look more elegant and more prominent.

The RS 08  own the design and the color is not too sophisticated, although simple but still should be the luxury. Sure, this will be the ideal set for hotels that are designed in a modern style.

Bộ đồ trong phòng khách sạn chất liệu resin RS 12
RS 12 Hotel set by resin material

RS 12 Hotel set by resin material

RS 12 is a product that is highly valued both in quality and design. This is considered one of the most prestigious collections of high quality resin stone imitation materials.

About the design, the RS 12 carries a rather lavish color, exquisite edges design that are very much like the natural stone. Not only that, the product is quite heavy, when holding on hand feel very compact, so many people will think that this product is made of real stone rather than plastic material.

Good quality, fashionable, noble, resin material in this room resin RS is certainly the perfect choice for the hotel 4-5 star standard now.

Bộ đồ trong phòng khách sạn chất liệu resin RS 14
RS 14 Hotel set resin material

RS 14 Hotel set resin material

There is nothing to ague about the quality and aesthetics that this RS 14 product brings to your hotel bedroom.

Designed in Asian style, this hotel suite makes us think of sophisticated glazed ceramics that are familiar to Asian people: Vietnam, Korea, Japan, China, …

The products are designed with a lot of things, such as containers, trays for amenities, vases, paper containers, toothbrushes … The hotel owners can base on the needs of customers or design of the hotel to select the necessary details for their suite.

Bộ đồ trong phòng khách sạn chất liệu resin RS 22
RS 22 Hotel room suit resin material

Hotel room suit resin material RS 22

The modern hotel bathroom features bright colors in combination with golden lights to create a warm and comfortable space. But the room would be even better if they were equipped with a set RS 22 resin material.

The RS 22 series has a fairly elegant exterior with milky white tones and delicate matte finishes. The details are designed in sync with each other to create a perfect body that will bring out the best. The room is the most luxurious and comfortable.

In elegant white tones, owners can choose to design their own small decorative items with striking tones, such as logos, hotel names or a slogan, to customers. Not only does this make the product more eye-catching, but it also allows the hotel to promote its brand image closer to its customers.


With 15 years in the field of providing equipment property,  along with a staff of enthusiastic and dedicated, Star Solutions is proud to be many hoteliers trust and preference. Resin hotel furniture sets as well as hundreds of other hotel and hotel furniture products supplied by Star Solutions always receive positive feedback from customers and users.

To choose from our range of products, quality equipment and good design, let’s come to Star Solutions, we are ready to give you advice and give you products.

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