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Visit the one of a kind hotel in Japan: Interior … can walk

No need to come to the reception or the Bellmen, hotel in  Japan  ProPilot Park Ryokan has a very impressive way to welcome the visitor with the slippers can walk

The hotel slippers can walk

Built at the Hakone Hot Springs Resort, the Japanese hotel ProPilot Park Ryokan was compe to operation by Nissan Motor Technology Company in October 2017. It was not long before Ryokan come to operation but the hotel is make an impression on domestic and foreign visitors with the one of a kind service.

In particular, all room interior such as tables, chairs, carpets, room accessories, slippers in the room , … of this hotel have the ability to walk. All appliances are equipped with intelligent sensors that can move to the right place at the push of a button.

According to the Japanese custom, when they walk into the house, they have to leave their shoes outside the room. Guests or hotel staff are not need to use hand, foot to arrange or find slippers in the house. When you arrive at the hotel door, the “self-driving” sandals will appear, arranged in a straight line in front of visitors. When not in use, slippers will automatically return to the original position, avoid the messy situation, less eye-catching when the number of slippers too much that employees do not promptly collect. At the same time, the point is curious vibes, attracting customers.

Under each pair of sandal there are small whells, an electric motor and a sensor system using Japan’s ProPilot Park automatic transmission technology. Just press the switch on the wall, the slipper will automatically glide on the wood floor and to the designated location as a special way to welcome the customer.

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This is a collaboration between the long-standing Ryokan Hotel brand and Nissan Motor Technology Co., the Japanese automaker. “The automatic sliding back to the original position will help people better understand the autopilot technology and demonstrate the potential of this technology in everyday life. Therefore, we will be able to promote this technology in Japanese homestays later, “ said the manufacturer.

ProPilot Park Technology 

In addition to the slippers in the hotel room, other room interior furniture such as tables, chairs, seat mats, television control, … can also “self drive” to the predetermined location. All things work in the same way as home slippers.

Not only in room service, in the car park of the hotel, cars can also automatically move to the right location without the assistance of staff. However, the mechanism of self-operation of cars is much more complex. Each vehicle requires a high-definition camera, real-time image processing, sonar positioning, automatic movement speed control, brake control, gearbox, steering wheel to park in the right place.

In 2016, Nissan also successfully applied the ProPilot Park technology to its auto seat. Consumers rather than standing in line to buy items can sit in the chair and wait for their turn. The chairs will move in the right order, when the customer is finished shopping, and the chair will arrange to arrange in the original position.

Unique, strange and extremely attractive, but not everyone has the opportunity to experience the interesting thing. Only lucky winners on the social networking site for Nissan held a new to come and experience directly on March 24.

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