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What are the 5 indispensable elements to create a resort?

Resort is one of the basic accommodation services in the hotel and tourism industry. To create a resort, investors must pay attention to many factors: space, architecture, location, … Let find out the solution with Star Solutions. What are the 5 indispensable elements to create a resort? The most typical difference of the resort with a regular hotel.

What is a resort?

What is a resort? Resort is a term used to refer to a type of accommodation service: resort hotel. This is an architectural complex consisting of villas and built independently and harmoniously. Space and atmosphere in the resort is guaranteed spacious and clean, to serve the needs of relaxation, health care for customers.

A resort usually not only includes accommodation services and some common services as hotels. Besides, in order to serve perfectly for the vacation time of the guests, the resort is usually a total including: restaurant , swimming pool, garden, private beach, sports area, golf course, …

Resort is also considered one of the types of hotels, so the resort also has a star segment as when ranking hotels . (1-5 stars). The higher the resorts, the more complete the service  and, of course, the more expensive the service.

Resort là gì
What is a resort?

5 indispensable elements to create a resort

Location of resort construction

Different from regular hotels – can be built in many different locations. Resort must be built in a place with beautiful scenery, quiet and spacious. This is one of the factors that make the resort unique. Therefore, when building a resort, the selected location will be the suburbs, the coast, the plateau, … These places are wide enough to build all the structures in the resort complex.

Although it is built in a large and quiet area, however, each resort must be located close to the highway, the large road surface to ensure fast and convenient traffic for visitors.

Beautiful scenery, close to nature

The scenery in the resort is always trying to keep the most natural and unspoiled looks. Therefore, the resorts are usually built next to the beach or hills, even both. This setting not only helps ensure tranquility but also creates a healthy atmosphere.

With the main purpose of relaxation, resorts often have a small construction area. Instead, natural areas will be cared for and meticulously guarded. Discovering wild forest or beach will become one of the indispensable activities when staying at resorts.

5 yếu tố không thẻ thiếu để tạo nên một resort là gì?
What are the 5 indispensable elements to create a resort?

The architecture inside the resort is beautiful, unique and impressive

Architecture is one of the symbols of a resort. The independent villas in the resort are often impressively designed with environmental protection materials: wood, bamboo, leaves, etc. The types of floating houses, tree houses, villas on the sea and on the lake are also available.

In addition to the uniqueness, the architectural style in the resorts must also ensure harmony and closeness to nature. Besides, local “specialties” can also be included as a resort’s overall architectural style.

However, no matter how toxic, beautiful and impressive, the architectural design in the resorts must be convenient for the life and rest of the customers. This is the most necessary condition to create a resort architecture.

Target customers of the resort

If a regular hotel has a large target audience, the resort has a more targeted audience. The resort’s customers are mainly people with high financial conditions, able to pay expensive service fees in the resort.

Unlike staying at a hotel, just pay a room rent, while staying at the resort, guests can stay in separate villas. Other fee-based services in the resort are also extremely expensive. Therefore, only high income earners and large consumers are the target customers of the resort.

Khách hàng mục tiêu của resort có khả năng chi trả cao
The resort’s target customers are well-income people

Quality of service according to international standards in the resort

As a place of relaxation for customers, the resort must make customers feel satisfied, comfortable as the first priority. A standard resort will have service quality satisfy the bill.

In Vietnam, most resorts are invested and built by big corporations with strong economic power. In addition, the operation of the resort will be made by large , prestigious hotel brands . Therefore, the quality of service in the resort is guaranteed to every small detail: staff costume, service process, …

Currently, when building resorts, investors often put environmental friendly elements first. From building style to harmony with nature; use of amenities with environmental protection materials ; to the installation, equipped with many fuel-saving hotel equipment, using clean fuel sources; … resorts are increasingly improving their service infrastructure to best serve the needs of customers.

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