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What is a bartender? Basic knowledge of Bartender

Bartender is one of the indispensable positions in every bar and club. The professional bartender is also the goal that many youngster want to reach. So what is bartender? What is the job of a bartender? The skills needed to become a bartender.

What is a bartender?

What is a bartender? Bartender is the work of making drinks, mainly alcoholic drinks like Cocktail, Mocktail. Besides mixing, bartenders must have performing skills and must be knowledgeable about fresh ingredients used in preparation: flowers, herbs, fresh fruit. The selection, preliminary processing, preservation of ingredients used in concoctions with juggling jars while concocting is also an integral part of the bartenders.

Bartender often works in bars, clubs, pubs and hotels (bar, outlet bar. These are quite lively spaces and often work in the evening and night. Therefore, in addition of profession, bartender must work well under large pressure. In addition, as a bartender who directly serves customers, Bartender needs to be able to communicate well and be skillful in behavior.

Bartender là gì?
What is a bartender?

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What is a Bartender’s job?

Concoction is not the only job of a bartender. Besides preparation, bartender also has to do many other jobs: preliminary processing of raw materials, talking to customers, clearing counters, …

Prepare drinks as customers required   

Mixing drinks is the main job of every bartender. However, with bartenders, just preparing it is not enough. While preparing, Bartender also had to perform his nice mixing operations.

In addition to the drinks on the menu available, Bartender must regularly learn more or create new flavors. Like a chef, Bartender always has to refresh his own drinks to keep his position at work.

Preservation and preliminary processing of materials used in Concoction

Fruits, scents, herbs … are an important part of the preparation. Bartender himself is the one who must check these materials, ensuring their quality and quantity. Bartender must notify the respective department to enter and check when the goods are come.

Each drink requires different types of ingredients. Each Bartender has a different way of using materials. Therefore, the Bartender must compose the materials on his own. However, if they are simple concoctions, they can be handed to junior staff.

Communicate, talk with customers

Most visitors come to Bar, Pub, club are to relax, relieve. Bartender in the process of mixing and performing must listen and chat with customers.

The stories between Bartender and customers are not just words, jokes or things around drinks. Therefore, in addition to clever talk, Bartender must also have knowledge in many fields, at the same time, know how to handle situations when communicating.

What are the other jobs of bartenders?

The bartender in addition to the main job in the shift is mixing, talking to the guests, there are many other jobs:

  • Guide new employees
  • Arrange your counter, arrange working area to be neat and beautiful
  • Clean the work area with mixing tools
Một bartender chuyên nghiệp phải biết biểu diễn, tung hứng khi pha chế
A professional bartender must know how to perform, juggle when mixing

What are the essential skills of a Bartender?

In order to become a professional Bartender, who can stick with Bartender for a long time, need to learn and cultivate many skills:

Understand and master knowledge of concoction

As mentioned above, concoctions are Bartender’s main work. The mixing skill requires Bartender to understand the wines, know how to combine the ingredients together to create the delicious taste and attractive colors.

In addition, Bartender must know how to use glasses, cups for each drink, the name of the drink and their properties.

What is Shaker Dance, Flair Bartending?

In order to become a Bartender, it takes time to practice performing skills, juggling when making drink. These include: Shaker dance, Flair Bartending (tossing bottles), juggling, …

Performing when mixing is not mandatory for every Bartender. However, it is necessary to be able to stay together for a long time and improve, develop. Currently, in Vietnam, there are very few Bartenders who can perform smoothly in juggling and performing stages when mixing.

Create new flavors, present beautiful products

Bartenders must regularly refresh their drinks. The same is a drink, Bartender has to make his own character when mixing. They can also create new drinks.

In addition, Bartender must know how to present cocktails, mocktail for beauty and creativity. The decoration can change according to the theme, seasonal to attract customers.

Smart and skillful communication and behavior

As a service technology, having to serve customers directly, Bartender must be skillful in communication.  Bartender must also have sufficient customer care skills such as positions: reception, table service. Moreover, Bar, pub, club where serving the audience are young people with mostly alcoholic drinks, so Bartender needs to be skillful in dealing with unexpected situations.

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Trang trí ly cocktail cho đẹp mắt cũng là một phần công việc của bartender
Decorating a cocktail for a beautiful look is also part of the bartender’s work

Does Bartender need to know a foreign language?

Does a Bartender need to know foreign language? The answer is yes. If you want to work in bars, clubs, big hotels, foreign languages ​​are essential. Because in these places, Bartender must not only welcome foreign guests but also communicate and work directly with managers who are foreigners.

Having 1-2 foreign languages, Bartender can earn higher income, more incentives, more opportunities to advance in their work.

Should girls become a bartender ?

Bartender does not distinguish gender. Both men and women can do this job. Each gender has its own advantages.

For girls with passion and talent for mixing, Bartender is a great choice. Because Bartender not only brings high income but also an opportunity to get acquainted with many people in many different professions and fields. During the conversation, our knowledge is also improved.

However, for female Bartenders, they may face many difficulties. When working for a full time at night, women’s health is hard to keep up. Moreover, the weak hand, the girls have difficulties in making difficult movements.

Bar, club, pub is exist many temptations. The Bartender needs to have the energy and skills to work here for a long time.

Nghề bartender không phân biệt giới tính
Profession bartender does not distinguish gender

The salary of a bartender ?

Salary Bartender changes depending on the position and experience of each person. The beginners, working as  a Bar assistant will have the salary ranging from 5-7 million / month. With the main Bartender the fix salary will ranging from 8-10 million. Besides, Bartender also receives other surcharges: bonus, tip, …

A long-time Bartender can promote to: Bar chief, manager will have a much higher salary of 25-30 million / month. This is the goal of many Bartenders towards.

Currently, training classes, Bartender training program is increasingly more. Because the demand for recruiting Bartenders in bars, clubs and hotels is growing. However, apart from his talent and effort, becoming a Bartender also requires many other skills. Consider carefully before making a final decision.

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