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What is a bistro restaurant? Features of the bistro restaurant

With the strong development of the service industry, the forms of restaurants and hotels are becoming more and more diverse. In addition to the familiar forms: pub, bar, lounge, … bistro restaurant is one of the new business forms, favored by many customers. So what is a bistro restaurant? What are the characteristics of bistro restaurants?

What is Bistro Restaurant?

It can be said that Bistro is a popular restaurant model with a combination of different types: bars, cafes and pubs. Because in Bistro restaurant, in addition to wine, snacks, coffee also includes drinks, other food: office rice, pho, fruit juice, …

Bistro restaurant is not small but not too big. The interior design of the restaurant is usually decorated in an intimate, beautiful style. The menu of Bistro restaurant is simple – cheap and delicious.

In Vietnam, Bistro restaurant is currently the most popular in key tourist cities: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, etc. The target of these restaurants is mainly tourists and Both office workers

Nhà hàng Bistro là gì
What is Bistro Restaurant?

Where does Bistro restaurant come from?

The first known Bistro restaurant from France, started as Paris city. This is the place where ordinary people live and work, looking for a quick, cheap lunch. Talking about the formation of Bistro restaurant, there are 2 ways to say:

Bistro restaurant was formed in the early 20th century?

Many sources believe that, at the beginning of the 20th century, the wave of immigration from Russia to France was strong. The majority of Russian men who came to France lived as a taxi driver. Between each ride, they enlisted in a bar to drink a glass of wine. However, because the time was so short, they had to drink very hastily and accompanied by the constant urge of the salespeople with Russian words: Bistro! Bistro! (Russian transcription of the word “hurry up! quickly!”).

Gradually, the French used the word “Bistro” or “Bistrot” to name restaurants with their criteria: fast – compact – cheap. The Bistro restaurant model was born from then and gradually spread to the whole world.

The Bistro restaurant appeared earlier, since Napoleon Bonapac?

In 1814, France failed to fight the Prussian-Austrian-Russian alliance. The Tsar’s army entered and stayed in Paris for a while. During that time, Russian soldiers appeared in many restaurants and pubs in Paris. With a habit of drinking quite quickly, drinking constantly, Russian soldiers kept drinking one glass and immediately ordered another and urged the Russian “Bistro!” Bistro! ”. From here, Bistro restaurants are born and are growing until now.

Nhà hàng Bistro trong khách sạn Saifi Suites ở Lebanon
Bistro restaurant in the Saifi Suites hotel in Lebanon

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Features of Bistro restaurant

Bistro Restaurant is an complex business model

Bistro restaurant has a combination of many models: pubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, …. The design of the Bistro restaurants is often characterized by Europe, especially France.

When coming to Bistro restaurant, diners can drink wine, chat, and they can be lined with simple dishes and can sip a cup of coffee. Besides, in Bistro restaurant, there are not many time and age regulations such as bars or pubs, so customers are quite diverse.

Serving criteria in Bistro restaurant is simple, quick

Criterion to serve in Bistro restaurant is the same as the origin, the process of forming this business model. In Bistro restaurant, only serving simple dishes, having a quick service process. Moreover, due to the public service, popular, the price of food and drinks in Bistrot restaurant is not high, suitable for the budget of many subjects.

Nhà hàng Don's Bistro Tây Hồ, Hà Nội
Don’s Bistro Restaurant Tay Ho, Hanoi

The decoration space in Bistro restaurant is quite simple

Because of its simplicity in service style, to create uniformity, the design and decoration of Bistro restaurant is also very simple. These include: small wooden chairs, checkered tablecloths, …

Currently, with many creative ways of combining, each Bistro restaurant has simple furniture but still creates very good aesthetic effect.

However, when being introduced to the world, in different countries, the style of Bistro restaurant is more or less changed. In Vietnam, Bistro restaurants are often more meticulously designed and sophisticated, both in terms of design and food and drink to suit the tastes of customers.

Some other features of Bistro restaurant

  • Subjects: Office people, young people
  • The atmosphere: friendly, comfortable, suitable for short meetings
  • Price: Depending on the size and class of each restaurant. But in general it will not be too expensive.
Thực đơn của nhà hàng Bistro
Menu of Bistro restaurant

As mentioned above, the menu in Bistro restaurant is quite simple. For drinks, it is often possible to pre-mix bottles or bottled beverages. Food is usually dishes that can be processed quickly in minutes.

In the West, Bistro’s main menu is beer, wine, coffee, salad, sausage, omelette, fries, etc. When entering Vietnam, Bistro restaurant can have more Some typical dishes: pho, vermicelli, or some simple dishes for office people.

The menu in Bistro restaurant does not require much sophisticated, but must meet the criteria: fast, clean and delicious.

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