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What is a cocktail? Classify cocktails and mix basic cocktails

Cocktail is not a strange drink for everyone today. Especially those who often attend party bars and clubs. So what is cocktail? What is the origin of the cocktails? Classify and how to make basic cocktails today?

What is a cocktail?

What is a cocktail? Cocktail is the name of an alcoholic drink, made from a mixture of alcohol, sugar, fruit juice and flavoring. This is a regular drink in parties, bars, clubs and pubs.

In 1806, in a newspaper of the United States, it was defined that cocktails were a drink made of strong wine with sugar, water, bitter wine – bitters, however, by the 20th century, cocktails had many variations compared to the original formula. In addition to wine and sugar, cocktails are now made from many other ingredients: fruit, milk, ice cream, honey, herbs, …

Cocktail là gì?
What is a cocktail?

The origin of cocktails

Cocktails were born very early. Over the years of development, transformation, cocktails have different types and flavors. The original form of cocktails is just a way to make wine easier to drink.

The history of cocktails

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, bars grew wildly in the United States. At the same time, Whiskey became more famous. However, whiskey has a high alcohol content, not too good taste. Therefore, people often add sugar, honey and many other ingredients to create flavor and taste. This is the original foundation of Cocktail.

Gradually, to please customers, more and more types of wine flavors were created by the owners and service owners. Until the beginning of the 20th century, with the law prohibiting alcohol, cocktails became the main drink as a “Bent the law  ” because they had relatively low alcohol content ..

After the 1945 years, when the Second World War ended, American expeditions in many European countries made cocktails become popular in this continent.

What is the origin of the cocktail name

There are many opinions around the origin of the name “cocktail”. However, the following opinion is logical and widely agreed.

“Cocktail” in English means the cock’s tail. There are reports that in the United States, when cockfighting is common, winners in cockfighting will receive the chicken’s tail feathers and be treated with a drink after being wished “on the cock’tail “. Then, naturally, people use the word cocktail for drinks mixed with many ingredients because their colors are as colorful as the rooster tail feathers.

Cocktail bao gồm 4 thành phần chính: rượu nền, chất tạo màu, chất tạo mùi, trang trí

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What is the main ingredient of cocktails?

Cocktail consists of 4 main ingredients: base wine, colorant, odor, decoration.

Base wine: A component of alcohol, the number of a cocktail. When making cocktail, people often use Rum or vodka. While Rum is suitable for cocktails with fruits, vodka is suitable for most other ingredients because vodka is neutral, colorless, odorless, does not affect the taste of the accompanying ingredients.

Colorings: commonly used colorants such as juice, soft drinks, milk, ice cream, …

Odor: usually herb, fruit wine

Decorate cocktail: depending on the aesthetics of the bartender that cocktails are decorated with many different ingredients. The most common is a slice of fresh fruit, leaves, straws, orange peels, frosting, …

Sorting Cocktail

With the creative variety of bartenders, cocktails are increasingly diverse and unique. However, to classify cocktails, people often base on 5 points: composition, preparation, volume, taste, alcohol content, time of drinking.

Sort cocktails by composition

  • Cocktail with the main ingredient is wine: Vodka drinks, Tropical drinks (Rum), champagne drinks, Gin-drinks, …
  • Cocktail with main ingredients are colorings, odorants: Cream drink, Colada (with pineapple), Coffee, …

Cocktail recipes

  • Sours: traditional cocktails, basic cocktails have a fairly simple recipe: liqueur + lemon juice + sugar
  • Batidas: Cocktails are made from the basic recipe of liqueur + sugar + fresh fruit
  • Highball: Cocktails are made from liqueur or brandy with soft drinks: soda, coca cola, juice, …
Công thức pha chế cũng là một trong những cách phân loại cốc tai
Recipe is also one of the ways to classify cocktails

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Classify cocktails according to volume

  • Short drink: cocktail with a capacity of less than 100ml, contains a lot of spirits, no ice and no decoration
  • Long Drink: This is a very popular cocktail, with a capacity of more than 100ml, made up of a combination of wine and soft drinks, which can have ice and fruit. 
  • Shooter: cocktails shooter form with small capacity, only about 30ml. This cup only takes 1 breath, one sip.

Types of cocktail flavors

  • Short Drinks cocktails are divided into Dry, Medium and Sweet.
  • Long drinks cocktail is divided into “aroma”, “fruity”, “fresh”, “creamy” 

Sort cocktails according to alcohol content

  • Cocktails are made from strong alcohol (wine cooked and distilled from grains), with high alcohol content. These are the first cocktails that first appear, the original form of cocktails.
  • Cocktails are made from wines and light beers and low alcohol content. This type of cocktails appears later, modified from above.
  • Currently, to suit more subjects, the bartenders also create many non-alcoholic cocktails made from fruit juice, milk cream. Among them, Virgin Colada is made from pineapple juice + milk cream + coconut cream.

Different types of cocktails drink from time to time

  • Cocktails drink before meals: small-sized cocktails, tastes not sweet, not fat, high alcohol content, increase appetite. (Ex: Aperitif)
  • Cocktail drink at meal: slightly alcoholic, stimulating taste, alertness (Eg Bloody Marry)
  • Drink cocktails after meals: light alcohol, aroma, sweetness(Ex: Jagermeister)
Phương pháp pha chế cốc tai cơ bản
Basic method of mixing cocktails

How to make cocktails – basic cocktail preparation method

Mixing cocktails not only requires adherence to principles, walking but also requires own creativity. Therefore, each bartender has his or her own characteristics when mixing. However, the method of mixing cocktails has 4 main types: shaker, stir, build and blend.

Shaker – how to mix cocktails with shakes

What is shaker? Shaker is a stainless steel shaker used by bartender or barista to shake and prepare drinks. When mixing cocktails with a shaker bottle, the drink is shaken well will have a better color, better taste.

Mixing cocktail with a shaker is usually only for 1-2 people to drink because the shaker’s capacity is not too large (150-350ml).

Stir – method of mixing cocktails by stirring

When stirring with a stirring cup, the bartender will stir all the ingredients into stirring with ice. When mixing well, blending together completely, the bartender will remove the ice and drink without ice. In this way, the bartender can be prepared for many users in one stir.

Build – The cocktail with the ice

In this way, the ingredients are also stirred with ice. However, there is no need to remove the ice and drink it with ice.

Like Stir, build can also mix multiple cups at once.

Blend – Blended cocktail

With all kinds of cocktails prepared by grinding, the main ingredients will be fresh fruits. These cocktails may or may not have alcohol. Blend is often used to prepare cocktails used before meals.

Cocktail is a familiar drink in bars, club, pub. Cocktail blending not only requires meticulousness, creativity, but also technical skill.  Bartender now is attracting many young people. Learn about the name, the origin and the way to prepare cocktails is basically one of the first steps when having an idea with this profession.

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