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What is a Hostel? Some notes when renting a hostel room

For an avid traveler, in addition to renting rooms in hotels with full service facilities, they can choose more “friendly” accommodation. These include homestay, condotel, motel, … and in recent years is a hostel. So what is a hostel? What is the characteristic of a hostel? What are the issues when renting a room in a hostel?

What is a Hostel?

What is a Hostel? Hostel is a term used to refer to motels, hotels with a much lower price than regular hotels. This is a favorite vacation spot for backpackers and students.

Hostel was first popular in European countries, then expanded to many countries around the world. Currently, in Vietnam, Hostel accommodation services are also quite developed, especially in cities with strong tourism development: Hanoi, Sapa, Da Lat, …

Hostel là gì?
What is a Hostel?

What is the characteristic of Hostel?

Hostel is cheap and has economical service

The price is the biggest feature of the hostel. In Vietnam, many hostel prices are less than 100,000 / night. Compared to regular hotels this is an extremely “affordable” price, which may be suitable for the cost of saving trips.

However, cheap prices will come with many other problems: cramped rooms, less comfortable, lack of privacy, no beautiful view, …

Hostel rooms are dormitory rooms, dorm rooms

In hostels, to save space and stay more people, beds will be designed into bunk beds. A room will usually have 4-10 beds, depending on area. Naturally, when renting in a hostel, customers can rent a bed when traveling alone or the whole room if traveling in a group.

In Europe, rooms in Hostel are dormitory rooms, regardless of the gender of the tenants. A room can be both male and female. However, in Vietnam, the hostel will be separated into rooms for men and women rooms. There are even rooms for couples.

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Small-sized Hostel

Owners of hostels are usually households, not corporations or companies like hotels. Therefore, each hostel has only 10-20 rooms.

When staying in a hostel, guests can see an employee doing many different jobs. They just checked in, cleaned the room and even added cooking and serving.

Phòng trong hostel được thiết kế với giường tầng để tiết kiệm không gian
Rooms in the hostel are designed with bunk beds to save space

Location of the hostel

Hostel is a type of accommodation for tourists. Therefore, there is no need to worry about their location too far from tourist centers. However, the hostel will not have a nice, airy façade like hotels or resorts. They can be located in residential areas, small alleys and even suburban areas.

The hostel away from the center will be cheaper. But for those who traveling have a transportation, this is not too big a problem.

Service in the hostel

Opened to serve those who want to save money, so some services: restaurants, swimming pools, gyms, etc. are not in the hostel. However, the other amenities: bed, cushion, air conditioning, television, … in the hostel is fully equipped.

How to rent a room in a hostel?

Due to its small size and limited investment, the hostel will not have its own website. Some hostels are available on OTA sites: booking, agoda, … Rental guests can search for information and room rates and amenities of hostel on these pages.

Also, a popular way to book a hostel today is through Airbnb. This is the channel that most hostel owners register in Vietnam today.

Nên chọn những hostel có vị trí tiện lợi, dễ di chuyển
Should choose the hostel with convenient location, easy to move

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Notes when renting a hostel room

When choosing a hostel, tenants need to consider the following issues:

Cost: even though it is a cheap place to stay, it’s not like the hostel prices are the same. The higher priced hostel will be more complete with amenities: internet, personal lockers, breakfast, etc. Hygienic conditions in these hostel will also be more secure. Depending on the needs of each person, choose accordingly.

Location: before booking the hostel room, pay attention to their location and the surrounding locations. Located in a city, but, there are hostel close and far from the center. Moreover, should choose the hostel is not too far from the big road or near shops and supermarkets to ensure security and convenience for travel.

Security: is a collective area, difficult to avoid conflicts. Robberies, pickpockets, fights, … are common in hostels. Therefore, when choosing a hostel, you should consult the information carefully to ensure your personal safety.

Các chủ hostel ngày càng đầu tư cho cơ sở của mình cả về dịch vụ lẫn tiện nghi
Hostel owners are increasingly investing in their facilities both in terms of service and amenities

Distinguish hostel with budget hotel

Hostel and Budget hotel are all types of accommodation services with moderate prices, suitable for backpacking travelers. However, there are fundamental differences between these two types of accommodation. So what are the characteristics to distinguish budget hotel and hostel?

Hostel is mostly invested by households. Meanwhile, budget hotel can be a hotel chain, invested by companies and corporations.

Budget hotel is a cheap accommodation, but it is still classified as a hotel. Therefore, the service conditions and facilities are invested more than the hostel. In addition to the basic amenities, budget hotel can also be invested with a bar, swimming pool, restaurant …

Hostel rent payment according to the number of beds. Instant rental of a dorm room. In Budget hotel, guests rent a room, ensuring more privacy.

Because of these differences, the room and service prices in the budget hotel will be higher than the hostel.

When developing and expanding to many countries, the hostel has many changes in conditions and characteristics. Boundaries between hostel and cheap hotels, motels are gradually blurred. There are many hostel rooms with private rooms, also with budget hotels with dormitories. Therefore, the definitions and characteristics of this type of accommodation are only relative. Tenants will not be able to base their name on this type of accommodation. To be able to choose a suitable resting place, tenants should have a thorough understanding before booking.

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