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What is a pre-opening? The work in hotel pre-openning

Pre-opening is one of the important stages in hotel business. This process can impact the hotel business performance afterwards. So what is pre-opening? What kind of tasks does the pre-opening hotel have to do?

What is a pre-opening?

What is a pre-opening? Pre-opening is the term used to refer to the preparation process, the work carried out before a business begins to operate. This is considered an important and strenuous period for investors and their subordinates. Because only when the pre-opening process is conducted effectively, meticulously, can the business operate smoothly and successfully.

Pre – opening hotel is the process of preparing the same preparations before the hotel opens and goes into operation. These include: budget planning, business plan; recruitment and training of personnel; complete legal procedures; …

Pre-opening là gì?
What is a pre-opening?

Important jobs during pre – opening hotel

As mentioned, hotel pre-opening is a hard and busy process for investors and hotel managers. Because this is a process of many important stages and tasks. So, what are the important jobs in the pre-opening process?

Budget planning for hotel operations

  • Budget for decorating hotels; buy appliances in the hotel : furniture , equipment for rooms , …
  • Budget for communication, hotel marketing: website making, advertising, photography, video recording, …
  • Budget for hotel operations: pay employees; buy hotel management software; opening activities, buying amenities, …

Building personnel structure, setting up working procedures in the hotel

The hotel manager and the senior managers in the hotel will have to meet and decide the hotel personnel structure. Each part must have its own body: number of people, position, salary.

Besides, the heads of departments must also work out their working regulations : SOP standard operation procedure ; job descriptions for each position; operation rules of the department; reward and penalty; …

Build remuneration policy for hotel staff

  • Basic salary for each position; regulations on surcharges: service charge , bonus, tip, …
  • Regulations on insurance regime, salary increase, … for each position

Regulations on holidays and leave for each position

Tuyển dụng nhân viên trong khách sạn
Recruitment of hotel staff

Plan recruitment of hotel human resources

From the planned personnel structure, the heads of department combined with the HR department make a recruitment plan. Contents of the plan include:

  • Prepare information, recruitment documents: recruitment notice, JD for each job position; interview letter; candidate assessment form; letter of admission notice; …
  • Prepare methods and locations for recruitment
  • Planning personnel to conduct recruitment

Training hotel staff

  • Based on previous rules and workflows, department heads began to train their staff.
  • Training pathways, where training, personnel and costs for training must be planned in advance.
  • After the training program reaches a certain time, proceed to test the working process of each department to control the missing parts.

Legal procedures in the hotel include:

  • Operation license of the hotel
  • Licenses for other industries, services in the hotel: spa, restaurant , bar, …
  • Labor contracts, maintenance contracts, economic contracts with partner units, …
  • Fire insurance, health insurance, labor insurance, …

Perfect hotel business plan

  • Market research, SWOT analysis for hotels; offer appropriate business strategies .
  • Develop policies on prices of services in hotels; discount, commission , …
  • Plan marketing, communication, opening plans

Identify short-term, long-term goals, goals with a specific activity in the hotel.

Hoàn thiện mua sắm đồ cho khách sạn
Complete the equipment and supplies for hotels

Complete the purchase of hotel supplies and equipment

Based on the previously built budget on equipment and supplies in the hotel. The management board must look for addresses that provide prestigious hotel supplies and equipment. The selection of designs, prices, delivery time must be agreed and signed with certainty. Especially comfort items in the hotel room . Delivery time and installation time must be completed before opening at least 1 month to conduct the testing process for the staff of the department.

Prepare grand opening hotel

  • Choose the opening time of the opening
  • Plan sales and incentive activities during opening time
  • Prepare guest list on opening day
  • Plan items and rituals during the grand opening of the hotel

The pre-opening process in the hotel includes important work. Conducting scientifically and accurately every job during the opening of the hotel can help the hotel operate more smoothly. At the same time, helping investors and hotel management to predict difficulties and challenges encountered in the business process.

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