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What is a tip? Why we should tip for the staff at the hotel?

Do you really understand what Tip is? Why do you need to tip the staff there? Join us to find answers through the following article.

What is a tip?

For receptionists working in restaurants and hotels, it is certainly no stranger to the term Tip. The tip here can be considered as a small amount of money that customers reward for the waiter. It is also considered to show customer satisfaction for employees when using the service there.

In our country, this service is not quite popular. When dining at a restaurant or staying at a hotel many people have no  thought about paying a tip. But in some countries around the world Tip can be considered a very natural cultural beauty in everyday life.

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Tip là gì
What is a tip? Why need to Tip for employees in restaurants – hotels

What is the tip of a restaurant – hotel today:

When you come to stay at a hotel you should tip the staff so they can serve you better. This is also one of the cultural features recorded when coming to the hotel. Some staff positions that customers should Tip like:

1. Service staff:

At some restaurants, tip will be charged directly to the bill when the customer leaves. And this tip will be between 5- 15% of the amount to be paid. However, this amount is also very small, many customers are always willing to Tip for the service staff here. Also in some hotels when customers call a service and they are always ready to serve enthusiastically. Customers will then thank the staff here for their small tips.

2. Doorman, Bellman in the hotel lobby or at the elevator door.

Those are the people who open the door or help customers carry luggage from the car to the room or from the room to the taxi. Most of the jobs of these people are quite heavy, so most tourists tip them a bonus as a thank to them.

3. Receptionist:

They are the first and the last to contact customers. Therefore, the receptionists must always have an enthusiastic service attitude, ready to answer any questions and advise appropriate services for customers. When receiving satisfaction, customers are always willing to tip a small amount of money for them.

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Tip là gì
What is a tip? Which department need to tip in the hotel

4. Room staff:

Most of them are people who often receive tips from customers. When customers feel they are dedicated to working, they will not be afraid to reward them with a little tip. Considering this is a thank you for cleaning up the room quite well, when the customer shows up.

5. Driving driver:

When the hotel has free shuttle service, these drivers will receive a tip from the customer. It is the wait with the dedicated service attitude of our customers, surely customers will not regret a tip for them ..

How is the tip usually divided in the hotel?

Depending on each restaurant – hotel, the tip amount will be divided in different directions. And it is usually divided into the following 3 cases:

  1. Staff receive 100% tip:

The waitress will receive 100% of the tip given by the customer. But this only applies to small restaurants – hotels with not too big tips.

  1. Tip equally divided into departments:

This can be considered as a fairly common type of tip sharing in restaurants – hotels. And this will be applied to every part of that restaurant – hotel. When receiving the tip, the customer staff will give back this amount to the manager and then it will aggregate and divide it equally among employees in that department.

  1. Tip divided equally for all employees:

This way of dividing is usually the total amount of tips that employees receive, then divided equally for the employees below such as cleaning staff, kitchen staff, warehouse staff … So that they also receive the incentives that customers spend for them when they tried to work.

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Tip là gì?
What is a tip? How divided the tip

Why we should always tip for the hotel waiter at the hotel?

Customers can opt for a tip based on the standard of a hotel room . If they serve enthusiastically and clean up the room quite cleanly then you can leave a higher tip. You should leave a tip every day because room staff often work in shifts and every day can be a different staff member cleaning your room.

The waiters at the hotel often have quite low income and they also need the tips from customers. Especially the room staff when they have to always clean, scrub the toilet, change the bed … So they always deserve that little tip. It is small but can be a source of motivation and joy that employees receive from customers.

With just a small tip, the employees feel motivated to serve better. It is also a very small amount of money you rent a room at a hotel. So tip for the staff when you want to thank them.

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