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What is Aluminum? Advantages of aluminum in hotel signboard design

What is Aluminum? Characteristics of aluminum material. Important applications of aluminum in manufacturing, decorating hotel furniture

What is Aluminum?

Aluminum is also known as aluminum plastic panels, also called alumi or alu. This material is commonly used as a surfacing material for architectural works, billboards for apartments and hotels.

Aluminum is lightweight aluminum panels, with a variety of colors, patterns, with high precision, easy to clean. In addition, it has the ability to restrict very good sound transmission and high thermal insulation. Thanks to its superior quality features, aluminum is the material used to make aircraft hulls and products requiring high strength.

Aluminium là gì? Ưu điểm của aluminium trong thiết kế biển khách sạn
What is Aluminum? Advantages of aluminum in hotel signboard design

Highlights of Aluminum

Advantages of materials

Aluminum usually has an average thickness of 3 – 6mm, joined together by two anti-corrosion aluminum layers, each layer is about 0.5mm thick, with a polyethylene core – 3mm thick fireproof plastic in the middle.

This composite aluminum has a specific gravity equal to ½ of the weight of similar aluminum alloys of the same thickness. With this advantage, alu panels can be easily installed, constructed and styled to their needs: bending, cutting or stamping, …

In addition, this material has high chemical resistance, resistance to corrosion, excellent oxidation, durability in water, oil or acid. In particular, alu also has the ability of extremely high strength, not warped, not affected by the natural conditions.

The heat resistance of this material is in the extremely high temperature range from -50 o C to 80 o C. In addition, Aluinium exceeds many technical standards: coating thickness, smoothness, alkalis and solvents, …

Đặc điểm nổi bật của Aluminium
Highlights of Aluminum

Advantages of color

Aluminum is a good color that can create products with a variety of colors to meet the needs of the project and the owner. At present, the paint system and pattern can be made on the surface of aluminum is about 30 colors with a variety of paint materials ranging from high to medium. Average warranty period is from 1 to 5 years depending on location, area.

In particular, this material can create products in the style of imitation stone or wood extremely impressive. The owner can spoil the choice of design style room number sign for his hotel with this perfect material.

Advantages of construction

Advantage of alu panel is fast, clean, less troublesome, especially effective for large projects such as hotels/resorts. And more advantage is that the aluminum composite panels can be laid on the curved surface, curved and can protect the building even in the area of ​​sea wind.

These alloy hotel signboard designs are both aesthetically pleasing and durable. Not only that, this material also helps hotel owners save a lot of investment capital, because the price of this type of sign is much lower than the sample made of copper or wood.

Alu có nhiều ưu điểm nổi bật
Alu has many advantages

Aluminum types and applications

Currently, there are 3 most widely used aluminum alloys:

Aluminum indoor or also called PE plastic

This is the most commonly used today in the field of billboards, hotel signboards / apartments, with an average of 5-7 years. This type of alumi has the lowest price but the color is the most diverse.

This alumi is also one of the perfect materials for floating hotel signage .

Alu được sử dụng trong làm biển bảng khách sạn
Alu is used in making hotel signboards

Aluminum outdoor or PVDF

This type of alu is mainly used for external facing for buildings by high durability. You can also choose this material to make the name plate or outdoor billboards for the hotel.

The average life expectancy of this type of alu is 7-10 years. However, the price of this type is quite high and there are fewer colors for you to choose than alumi in the house.

Special Aluminum

Some typical types of wood: black, shiny, imitation bronze, stainless steel, … are often chosen to design some types of panels in special places such as backdrop reception or in combination with other materials , plastic: mica, stainless steel or alloy to design the number of hotel rooms on request .

Các loại Aluminium và ứng dụng
Aluminum types and applications

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