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What is Assignment? What does hotel Assignment work include?

In the field of hotel restaurants, there are quite a lot of specialized terms that many of you have to ask. Include Assignment, room Assignment. So what is Assignment? Who is the Assignment? What does hotel Assignment work include? The note when doing room Assignment hotel.

What is Assignment? What is the room Assignment?

What is Assignment? In English, Assignment means arranging, distribution, assignment … When using in the hospitality industry, Assignment is accompanied by room Assignment. Room Assignment is a term used to describe the arrangement of rooms in a hotel. This is not a position in the hotel. In contrast, this is a job done by hotel receptionists.

In short, the Assignment of a hotel is the arrangement of the room for the guest to be reasonable and timely. This duty must be monitored by the hotel in order to have room assignments and check in time.

Assignment là gì? Room assignment là gì?
What is Assignment? What is the room Assignment?

What does the hotel room Assignment job include?

Based on the tracking of guest check-in, check-out of the day, hotel receptionists will have to contact   order taker to arrange, prepare rooms to welcome guests when needed.

Checking the visitor want to check-in early, check-out late 

The hotel reception checks the check-in and check-out times of the day. Filter out those who require early check-in and those who want to check-out late.

For early check-in guests must contact the room service to ensure that the room needs to be cleaned and ready for pick-up prior to arrival.

For late check-out, check the time check-in of the guest after that. Make sure the guests are not duplicated, and make sure the room is cleaned before arriving.

For reception and check-in on time, the reception desk must also inform the housekeeping staff in time to arrange the room.

Công việc room assignment khách sạn
Room assignment job

Arrange rooms for patrons, guest come back to the hotel

When finding out patrons, guests come back to check in, the receptionist must rely on the previous guest notes to arrange the room. Strictly meet guest preferences, their direction: direction room, window, type of flowers, fruit, …

For special guests: children, old people, people with disabilities, etc., arrange the most suitable rooms.

Room arrangement for delegations, groups of guests

When arranging rooms for delgations, choose rooms close together. If there are not enough rooms, receptionists can arrange them into clusters not too far apart. This is easier for guests to contact and move with each other. At the same time, the receptionist must also contact the owner to arrange the room with the guests in the delegation.

Arrange rooms for couples

For rooms for couple having honeymoon, wedding anniversary or anniversary parties, the receptionist must promptly notify the room attendant to decorate the honeymoon bed for guests.

Other hotel Assignment jobs of the receptionist

Based on the number of guests per room to prepare extra beds if needed

Check the number of points for guests with hotel membership card. Full prepares: spa, discount voucher, … and inform guests when check-in.

Prepare the registration form in the hotel; vouchers, breakfast vouchers, gift cards, … for convenient delivery to guests when check-in procedures.

If there is VIP delegation, inform the relevant departments to prepare: flowers, banners, red carpet, flags, …

Understanding the hotel room Assignment job helping the receptionist to accomplish their job well. Because room Assignment is an important part of the daily routine of a hotel receptionist. The arrangement of rooms must reasonable, suitable for the needs of customers helping customers appreciate and  more satisfied about the service of the hotel.

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