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What is Barista? Learn about barista career

In hotels, bars, cafés, there is no shortage of bartender and barista staff positions. If bartender is the one who specializes in making alcoholic drinks like cocktails, mocktail, what is the job of barista? How is salary barista? What is the career opportunity of barista now?

What is Barista?

What is Barista? Barista originates from Italian. According to some documents, the British call the barista is Bartender, the Italian calls the barista is barista. But later, the work of the bartender and barista is clearly different, so the two concepts are separated.

Currently, Barista is the call of the coffee dispensers with drinks: Cappuccino, Latte macchiato, Mocha, Espresso Shakerato, … In addition to mixing these drinks, decorating the drinks also an important part of the barista’s work.

Like the bartender’s role in bars, Barista also plays an important role in cafés. Owning a professional barista contributes to creating a level for the restaurant. At the same time, the drinks created by barista are the guise, the brand for the café.

Barista là gì?
What is Barista?

What is  Baritsa work?

As a barista, the work of a barista is not just preparation. Besides mixing the drinks, barista has many other specific jobs:

Prepare materials and preparation tools

Before preparing, barista must have steps to prepare materials and tools for preparation. Different kind of ingredients has each meticulous rules. To do this, the barista must have knowledge of the ingredients to make it clear and meticulous.

Machines and equipment for mixing: grinding, compressing, brewing coffee, … also contribute to the flavor of drinks. BARISTA must ensure that machinery has been adjusted to the right mode, on time.

In addition, barista must also check the quality of materials; operation of machinery; cleaning of tools and machines that are guaranteed before preparation.

Advising drinks for customers

The menu at each restaurant is different. There are many customers who cannot understand the taste of each drink. As a barista, you must know the flavors and ingredients to advise customers of the most suitable drinks.

Mixing beverages

Mixing coffee is the main work of barista. When preparing, the barista must not only ensure the delicious taste of the drink but also create the shape, decorate the most beautiful and eye-catching coffee cup.

In order to do well in the preparation, the barista must have knowledge of the types of coffee, the techniques used in mixing: roasting, grinding, brewing, marinating, … Besides, there are jobs: foaming, decorating , add milk, …

What is Latte art?

Latte art means to decorate a café. This is an essential technique for a barista. Becoming a barista does not have to know the latte art. But if you want to become a professional barista, latte art is an indispensable skill. For real barista, coffee cup is no longer a simple drink but a work of art.

Công việc của Baritsa là gì?
What is the work of Baritsa?

Ensure the hygiene of the counter

Before and after mixing, the barista must check the sanitation of its working area. These include: dispensing tools, glasses, cups, machinery, countertops, …

Create new drinks

To be able to compete with rivals, the barista also needs coffee shops to constantly innovate themselves. The creation of new coffee flavors is also one of the tasks that show the level of barista.

Salary of barista

With a barista who has learned barista training classes and can prepare basic drinks, their salary will range from 4-6 million. When experienced 1-2 years, barista can receive 8-10 million basic salary / month.

Besides, barista can also receive other income: bonus, tip, etc. Therefore, barista career is increasingly choosen by many young people.

When having enough experience and ability, barista can be referred to higher positions: the head of shift, head of bar, and manager, etc. At that time, salary and bonus will also be higher when only making barista (maybe to over 25 million / month.

Barista job opportunities in Vietnam

In order to increase competitiveness and attract new customers, coffee shops and tea shops in Vietnam are getting more and more innovations in the menu. Demand for bartenders is growing.

Besides traditional coffee and tea, new drinks are created with unique concoctions and attractive flavors. Barista not only can find job opportunities for themselves in coffee shops and hotel outlets but also in regular cafés and tea shops.

The appearance of a series of new brands: Highlands, The Coffee House, Cong, … makes the demand for barista in the market increasing. The demand for barista, especially the experienced barista also increased markedly.

Currently, young people are increasingly fond of new jobs. Barista or bartender is one of the jobs that many young people are aiming for. However, this is a job that requires talent and a lot of effort and perseverance. Therefore, think carefully before starting. At the same time, choose carefully to find a satisfactory training facility.

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