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What is B&B? Notes when choosing and staying at BnB

On travel forums, you often see terms: BnB, B&B, bed and breakfast. So what is B&B? Characteristics of B&B accommodation type? Advantages of staying at B&B and notes when choosing, staying at B&B.

What is B&B? What is bed and breakfast?

What is B & b? The B&B or BnB stands for bed and breakfast. This is the term for a place to stay overnight with a cheap breakfast.

At the B&B, there are usually no other meals. Owners of BnBs are usually individual households with 4 to 10 rooms. Cleaning or breakfast work is done by B&B owners.

Bed and breakfast are very popular in developed countries in Europe, America, Australia … At the same time, with the advantage of convenience and price, B&B room service is growing in the world.

B&B là gì?
What is B&B?

Characteristics and advantages of B&B

Like hostel, budget hotel, although it is cheap accommodation, BnB still has its own characteristics and advantages.

B&B cheap, can bargain

Cheap price is characteristic and also the most outstanding advantage of BnB. Tourists who want to maximize the cost of traveling are very interested in staying at this place. Moreover, as small businesses, tenants can negotiate and bargain room rates accordingly.

When using a private home to do business in BnB, homeowners are mostly comfortable people who like to communicate. Therefore, bargaining is not too difficult. This is the difference between BnB department and other forms of accommodation.

BnB room rental has full facilities

Although not full of high-end services: spa, swimming pool, restaurant like hotel. BnB still meets the most basic services for customers. These include: bathroom, air conditioner, wifi, bed, …

Particularly for bathrooms and toilets, most B&B owners are equipped with a private bathroom for each room. However, there are still shared toilet areas. Tenants should ask for advice before renting a room.

Breakfast on request at bed and breakfast

Bed and breakfast – the name says a part of BnB. When staying at B&B, tenants will enjoy breakfast made by the owner himself. The menu of breakfast will be asked by the host from the previous night. You can choose a regular breakfast or eat local specialties.

Exchange and learn regional culture when renting BnB rooms

When doing business in the BnB service in own room, most homeowners are friendly, like the bustle. Therefore, they are willing to share with you about the unique culture of the locality.

As local people, they clearly about the places to eat, play, watch in the area. You can have great experiences without spending too much time consulting from forums, websites.

Moreover, when staying in BnB, guests can also share a room with people from different regions. This is an opportunity for you to have more new friends, understand more new cultures.

Bữa sáng tại bed and breakfast được làm theo yêu cầu bởi chính chủ nhà
Breakfast in bed and breakfast is made upon request by the owner

Notes when choosing and staying at B&B

Cannot take place to see and book. Therefore, if you want to be satisfied by BnB, please note:

  • As cheap accommodation options, the location of BnBs is not ideal. There are even BnBs that are quite inadequate in moving. When choosing BnB, find out carefully the room address along with the places you want to go first!
  • Although most BnB owners are hospitable and enthusiastic, there are still a few that are not. Therefore, please refer to the reviews of those who have been before then contact booking.

When staying at BnB, to keep the room comfortable, happy, the tenant should pay attention:

  • Treat politeness when sharing a room with strangers: keep clean, keep order, not affect others, respect privacy, knock on doors, …
  • Check-in, check-out, breakfast on time. If it is late, tell the owner in advance so that they have a reasonable arrangement

There are many cheap accommodation services available today: homestay, hostel, motel, … However, to capture a market and continue to grow, B&B has its own advantages. When traveling, base yourself on your budget and preferences to choose the most suitable form of accommodation.

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