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What is BBQ? BBQ features of some countries in the world

Among us, everyone would go to BBQ restaurants or join BBQ parties with relatives and friends. So what is BBQ? What is BBQ sauce? Where does the origin of BBQ come from? Unique BBQ styles in the world.

What is BBQ?

What is the BBQ concept ?

BBQ – Barbecue for short is the term used to describe how to eat baked goods directly on charcoal fire. The dishes used to make BBQ are very diverse. In addition to the types of beef, pork, chicken, goat, sheep and ribs, people also baked vegetables and seafood. In many Asian countries, people also use animal organs when eating BBQ.

The way to grill in BBQ is also very diverse. Food can be left in small pieces, cut into large chunks or you can put small pieces or skewers with meat and vegetables.

BBQ là gì?
What is BBQ?

What is BBQ sauce?

When eating BBQ, people often use BBQ sauce. So what is BBQ sauce? This type of sauce is marinated or dotted when eating BBQ. This is one of the specialties of this dish. The deliciousness of BBQ food depends largely on BBQ sauce.

What is a BBQ party?

BBQ party is the name of the barbecue on coal fire, held outdoors. Everyone grilled and enjoyed the food together. This is an indispensable part of picnics, camping and picnic.

However, nowadays, when being put into business, BBQ party is not only held outside. They can also be organized in rooms, in restaurants and hotels.

What is BBQ Buffet?

BBQ buffet is a form of buffet barbecue in restaurants and hotels. Here, diners will buy tickets according to the number of people and eat freely according to the menu of the ticket you have purchased. 

This is a form of business that many people like today. Because when eating BBQ buffet, diners can choose and eat at will all the dishes on the menu. They can also grill themselves or have restaurant staff on site.

Sốt BBQ là gì?
What is BBQ sauce?

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The origin of BBQ

There is a lot of controversy around where the BBQ comes from? Accordingly, there are many different comments about the birth of the name Barbecue.

BBQ originated from America?

America is a very popular country with BBQ. California is famous for BBQ chicken and seafood; Texas are famous for beef BBQ. Texas was also the first place to appear BBQ (in the 1800s). Therefore, many think that America is the home of BBQ.

BBQ from the 15th century?

There are many proofs that the BBQ was first discovered by explorer Christopher Columbus in 1492 when he came to Dominica. When Columbus saw the natives of the country grilled large chunks of meat on fire and called “Barabicu” or “Barbacoa” means “sacred fire pit”.

The origin of BBQ comes from France?

The French and many ideas that BBQ originated from France. Because in French there is the word “Barbe-a-rod” (from the muzzle to the tail) used to refer to grilling meat into skewers and sticks. Therefore, BBQ is a dish originating from France, then developed, spread to many countries around the world.

In addition to the above comments, there are many other comments about the origin of BBQ. However, at present, each country and region has its own way of eating BBQ, suitable to the taste and culture of each locality.

Đặc trưng ăn BBQ tại một số nơi trên thế giới
BBQ in some parts of the world

BBQ in some parts of the world

Each country has different cultures and behaviors. Therefore, their culinary style is also somewhat different.   

BBQ in Western

Westerners, typically Americans and Europeans, love to eat BBQ with beef, pork and ribs. BBQ sauce is soaked on the meat and grilled on reddish charcoal so that the outside of the meat is slightly fry and crispy. The meat inside must be soft, soaked in enough sauce.

The BBQ flavor of Australians

In the country of kangaroos, people like to use lamb for BBQ. They did not use sauce to marinate meat, but only salt and oil or butter. In Australia, people often eat BBQ at the park. Therefore, the country’s park often has an oven to serve the people.

Special Korean BBQ

In Korea, barbecue is often served with raw vegetables wrapped outside with kimchi. Here, besides beef, people also like pork when roasting BBQ.

Đặc sắc BBQ Hàn Quốc
In Korea, when eating BBQ, kimchi is indispensable as well as vegetables: lettuce, sesame leaves, …

Currently, not only in Vietnam, but in many countries around the world, BBQ restaurants grow a lot. So, why is BBQ so popular?

Delicious food, charming flavor

Not random that people choose to grill in charcoal instead of baking electric ovens. When grilling in charcoal, the time it takes for the dish to cook will be longer. Therefore, the meat does not dry out, keeping the sweetness and softness of the meat. The color of the food is also more natural and beautiful.

Most BBQ dishes are cleverly marinated. At the restaurant, people have their own secret for BBQ sauce. It is the unique type of BBQ sauce that creates the unique flavor of the dishes. Sauces and marinating methods are the secret of many BBQ restaurants.

The atmosphere is fun and comfortable

Unlike when eating cooked and served dishes, when eating BBQ, people will have to cook their own food. Grilled, eating and chatting happily. Therefore, when eating BBQ, the atmosphere on the table will be more free and comfortable.

To please customers, many BBQ restaurants have their own staff, who are in charge of baking and cutting meat. At that time, guests have just enjoyed the fresh and delicious barbecue, having fun chatting with their friends.

With the development of current F&B services, BBQ forms are increasingly diverse. Flavors are also mixed between different countries and regions. Diners can choose for themselves different addresses to suit their taste and pocket.

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