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What is Bellman? Job description of hotel bellman

Hotel lobby staff in reception, cashier, reservation, there is also an important part that is bellman. What is Bellman? What does the bellman job description include? The requirement of a  bellman.

What is Bellman ?

What is Bellman? Bellman is a job under the FO department. These are the people who are responsible for carrying, pushing luggage for customers when they come and leave the hotel. In addition, bellman is also responsible for introducing guests to the hotel services and products; answer your questions about many other issues …

Bellman là gì?
What is Bellman?

The origin of the name “bellman”

Calling “bellman” comes from the ringing of the hotel bell. When customers come to check-in at the hotel, the receptionist or manager will call the staff to bring luggage to the room. However, because the hall was quite wide, the loud call caused inconvenience, so instead of calling names, they would ring the bell. The name bellman also originates from here.

The Job description  of Bellman 

The work of the bellman in addition to carrying luggage for guests also includes many things: consulting services for customers, delivering parcels to customers, …

Bring luggage for customers

  • Pick up guests, bring luggage for guests to the room
  • Take guest’s luggage from the room to the lobby or car, taxi if needed.
  • When carrying luggage for guests, must ensure the luggage is not lost, mixed. At the same time, be careful not to break down and damage the luggage.
Xách, đẩy hành lý cho khách là một trong những công việc quan trọng của bellman
Carry guest’s luggage is one of the bellman’s important jobs

Introduce guests to services and products inside and outside the hotel

Bellman have to interact with a lot of customers. In the process, bellman will introduce to customers the product services of the hotel: spa, gym, swimming pool, restaurant, tour, …

Besides, bellman can also advise customers about places to have fun, eat, travel, … near the hotel when they need.

This introduction must be done quickly; cleverly guess the services that guests will need to use. This is an opportunity for bellman to receive commission (when selling, introducing services) and tips (from customers) if they can satisfy customers. 

Support customers with small things when needed

The work that the guest require bellman are mostly personal needs: restaurant reservations, buying flowers, buying medicine, mailing, receiving parcels, etc. Although these are small things, they are contribute to customer assessment of the quality of the hotel service. Therefore, the bellman must always be enthusiastic and happy to receive and fulfill the guests’ requests.

Other bellman jobs

  • Inform guests of check-in procedures, hotel regulations on check-out time.
  • Explain to customers how to use the equipment in the room, showing customers directions when they want to go out.
  • Receiving and delivering mail, parcels to customers
  • Ensure hygiene and order for the lobby area
Bellman yêu cầu khả năng ngoại ngữ và giao tiếp tốt
Bellman requires foreign language skills and good communication

The condition that needed of a bellman

Bellman must have good health

Although there are support tools: trolley, rack, … however, the work of carrying luggage for customers is still cost a lot of work. Therefore, to become a bellman, you must be in good health, not afraid to do a lot of work.

The hall is a crowded place, so the bellman’s moving had to make sure not to affect others. Especially when the bellman push big and heavy vehicles.

Do bellman require foreign languages?

As one of the person that talk and interact a lot with customers, foreign languages ​​with bellman are essential. Hotels that recruit bellman only require basic language. However, if bellman wants to have a higher income must have better English proficiency. In addition, knowing more than 1 foreign language will help bellman work and grow better.

Bellman communication skills

As a person who has direct contact with customers, the bellman needs to fully prepare the skills: communication, customer care, customer psychology, … At the same time, the bellman must also belong and understand the details about the services and products specified by the hotel. Knowing the places of entertainment, dining, sightseeing, shopping around the hotel is also an advantage for bellman.

Other requirements for bellman: appearance, attitude, hard work, enthusiasm … are also extremely important. If you are full of the above requirements, you will surely become an outstanding bellman and have many achievements at work. Tipping bonuses, commissions, and many promotion opportunities are always waiting for you.

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