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What is Budget Hotel? 4 characteristics to identify a Budget Hotel

Budget hotel is one of the most popular hotel types, especially in developing countries like Vietnam. So what is Budget hotel? What characteristics does this cheap hotel have?

What is Budget Hotel?

Definition of “Budget”

The concept of Budget Hotel is formed from the meaning of the word “Budget”. When used for the purpose of adjectives, Budget also means cheap, low cost.

In businesses, budget is often set up to monitor revenue, the most honest costs in a certain period of time.

The purpose of setting up and allocating budgets is to control the use of costs so that they do not exceed the initial cost set.

Budget hotel là gì?
What is budget hotel?

What is budget hotel?

From the above meaning of Budget, we can understand that budget hotel is a kind of cheap hotel, which helps visitors to save costs, ensure the initial set budget for each trip. In other words, budget hotel is a term used to refer to small hotels, budget hotels with low number of rooms and much lower service costs than those invested by corporations and businesses.  

The object that budget hotel aimed at is the travelers from the middle class who want to travel economically,… These people do not have too high requirements for room quality and often do not or rarely use charged services in the hotel.

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Features of Budget Hotel

Một budget hotel tại nước ngoài
A budget hotel in a foreign country

Budget Hotel has a low service fee

As mentioned above, because the hotel is in the affordable segment, there are main customers who need to save money, so the cost of each Budget hotel is quite “soft”.

Price of some budget hotel in Vietnam is updated on online booking pages: booking, agoda, … there are times only not to 100,000 / person / night. In the tourist seasons or holidays, this price will also increase but the increase will not exceed 25%.

Other service costs in the budget hotel are also “affordable”. Breakfast, drinks or snacks are not as harsh as in high-end hotels.

This is one of the reasons why budget hotel still has many “shortcomings” in service but still not absent of guest. These hotels are the ideal choice for backpacking travelers and students when away from home or travel.

Do diện tích nhỏ, không gian phòng ngủ của budget hotel thường được chia thành tầng, kệ
Due to the small area, the bedroom space of the budget hotel is often divided into floors and shelves

Features of budget hotel: convenient location

Despite its name as a budget hotel, cheap hotels, the budget hotels still have good locations: close to tourist spots, convenient traffic, easy to find, …

Because it was built to serve as a resting place for tourists, if the location is too far or too remote, the budget hotels will not have a stable source of visitors. Therefore, the location of the budget hotel must meet some basic requirements. However, in these hotels, there will be no beautiful balcony rooms like high-class hotels.

Budget hotel has a small room area but is still comfortable

With the soft price service as mentioned above, the room area in the budget hotel will not be too big. Although the family room, the standard room for 4 people will not exceed 35m2. Although small, the rooms of the budget hotel still ensure full amenities: beds, tables and chairs, air conditioning, television … The most comfortable facilities such as toothbrushes and toothpaste will also be provided.

Tuy có diện tích nhỏ nhưng budget hotel vẫn đầy đủ các tiện nghi cơ bản
Despite its small size, budget hotel is still full of basic amenities

Quality of service in budget hotel

As a small-scale hotel with low cost, employees working in the budget hotel are often not professionally trained. Moreover, on a small scale, employees in some budget hotels have to do many jobs at the same time. However, budget hotel does not have too many services. The tenants are not need to wait too long when checking in and checking out.

Currently, the budget hotel is competing strongly with new forms of accommodation: homestay, hostel or cheap private rooms on Airbnb. The budget hotel investors will have to make more improvements in services and products to continue to maintain their market share in the market of tourism and hotels.

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