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What is Caddy? Job description of caddy employees

At resorts and hotels with golf courses, there is an indispensable part of the staff. That’s the golf caddy. What is caddy staff?  Job description of staff golf caddy. What is the skill of caddy? How much is caddy’s salary?

What is caddy? What is caddie?

What is caddy? Caddy also has another way of calling caddy or caddie , which is the term used to refer to people holding clubs, instructors, serving guests in golf courses. In Vietnam, people also call caddy with another name as golf ball picker.

Caddy works on golf courses in hotels, resorts and independent golf courses. The caddy work is not different from men and women, and the percentage of caddy women in Vietnam is much larger than that of men.

Caddy là gì? Caddie là gì?
What is caddy? What is caddie?

The Caddy employee job description

Like the other names of caddy: ball pickers, club owners, golf staff, … Caddy’s main job can be mentioned: serving golfers; guide guests to play golf; pick up balls, hold golf club for guests, …

Caddy’s work: Serving golfers

Pull, carry the client’s golf bag, ensuring the club is not damage

Tracking the flight path of golf; mark the ball when the ball is close to the hole; Score points for players.

Scraping sand holes, crushing sand on grassy areas; Replace the grassy soil

Fix the teeing and placing points so that guests can be most convenient when playing

During the game, the caddy must clean, make sure the golf clubs and balls are clean; ready when you need it.

In addition, the caddy’s job is to hold umbrellas; bring furniture: cotton towels, wet towels, drinking water, … for guests.

The task of caddy is to always follow guests during the service. At the same time, cheer guests during the game.

Work of caddy: guide guests to play golf

Caddy’s job is not only to serve customers but also to guide golfers with newbie guests. When instructing, the caddy must:

Adjust the posture of playing for the guest most correctly and conveniently

Advising guests on the type of club suitable for each tee shot; roles and functions of each stick type.

Guess the distance from golf ball to chess hole; look at the wind direction, guess the direction of the ball; … to provide the most appropriate advice and guidance for guests.

Remind visitors about the rules of golf courses and basic golf rules.

Công việc của caddy là gì?
What is the work of caddy?

Other jobs of caddy

In addition to the main job of serving and guiding guests, caddy has to do some other jobs:

Maintain the golf course area and the golfing area

Support management board to preserve golf landscape; Take care of lawn, flower and golf area

Participate in regular meetings; periodic reports as prescribed

Participate in skills and professional training courses organized by management

Performing some other tasks entrusted by superiors.

Salary of golf caddy

The salary of caddy employees currently ranges from 3-5 million VND. Besides, they can also receive tips directly from customers and hot bonuses from their superiors. A caddy’s income will usually be 8-10 million / month.

Advancement opportunities for caddy jobs are not difficult. When skilled, with long-term experience in the profession, caddy can be raised to the team leader, manager, … At that time, the salary of them can increase to 8-10 million / month. Tipping and bonuses are much more than regular caddy.

In order to be a caddy, you must know and master the caddy skills you need. These include: playing golf, understanding game rules and things to pay attention to when playing; good health; basic communication language skills; well communication skill; agile, enthusiastic; …

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