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What is Canape? Learn about canape cakes in restaurants and hotels

Canape is a regular dish that appears in parties and many restaurants and hotels. What is the correct definition of canape? Together with Star Solution, learn about canape in restaurants and hotels.

What is Canape?

Canape also has another way of writing that canapé is a French, means a small piece of bread with butter on it. This is the term used to refer to small cakes and dishes. These dishes often appear as appetizers before the main party, tea break dishes, cocktail parties.

Canape is characterized by a small size of only a few centimeters, a type of finger-food. They can be placed on plates, cups, skewers or placed in small spoons to help customers enjoy easily.

Canape is a type of finger food but not all food is considered as canape cake. Example: French fries are finger food but not canape.

Bánh Canape là gì?
What is Canape?

Composition of canape

Traditional canape is a piece of toasted bread, cut into small sizes, spread with butter or some kind of food on the cake. These canape are quite dry, have no or very little sauce to avoid dirty hands, unsanitary when eating.

Through the period of development, transformation, to diversify canape types, meeting the increasing demands of human, canape has a lot of differences compared to traditional canape.

Currently, in addition to the bread below, canape is often accompanied by many other ingredients: vegetables, salted fish, grilled meat, sausage, caviar, … Besides salty things, there is also a sweet canape are small cakes: muffins, cupcake, …

In addition, there are new types of canape made from wet ingredients. It can be mentioned as sautéed casseroles, with sauce. People put these canape dishes in small saucers or put them in the spoon to make them convenient to use.

Bánh canape phải có kích thước nhỏ gọn, không được cồng kềnh
Canape cakes must have compact in size

Principle of presenting canape

When presenting canape dishes, people often present in many layers. In addition to the last layer of bread, the above layers can be meat, fish, salted eggs, vegetables, butter, etc. A piece of canape can have 2 or more layers. For parts of the canape to be attached to each other, people often use butter, thick cream between layers or use a toothpick, vegetable to wrap tightly.

For canape types with sauces, when presented, people will place them in spoons, funnels or small cups. Eating funnels made from flour and eggs (shaped like cinnamon ice cream) are also very popular when making canape.

Canape thường được đặt lên các đĩa, khay một cách đẹp mắt
Canape is usually placed on plates and trays beautifully

Sweet canape types are usually pastries wrapped in paper cups or tipped.

Presenting canape items will be placed on large trays and plates. These trays can be plastic, porcelain, or wood. Even if placed in a funnel, cup or spoon, large plates and trays are still needed. This is both hygienic and aesthetic for food.

Nguyên tắc trình bày canape
Principle of presenting canape

Principle of canape service

As a regular dish in buffet parties, tea break, cocktails, canape types are also served as the dishes in these parties. In addition to being beautifully arranged at the table, canape can be placed on a tray, by serving guests.

When serving canape, the waiter should wear white gloves to show hygiene. Moreover, because it is finger food, so when there are many canape dishes in the party, you have to prepare enough tissue. At the same time, the position of feeding paper must be easy to see, easy to get so that customers can use it quickly.

Canape thường có nước sốt, bơ nên khi di chuyển phải nhẹ nhàng
Canape usually has sauce and butter, should be placed, moved gently to avoid falling, spilling and dirty.

Currently, canape dishes are extremely diverse in types and ingredients. So, let diners know and avoid allergies to some of the ingredients, should have nameplate placed close to the plate, canape tray. The service staff also needs to understand the dishes in the party to explain to guests when needed.

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Hãy bảo đảm một đôi tay sạch sẽ trước khi ăn canape
Make sure your hands are clean before eating canape

Principle when enjoying canape

When enjoying canape dishes, should note:

  • Wash your hands before eating
  • Do not eat continuously many pieces in the same canape. Because at the party there will be many different types of canape, but the number of pieces in the same category will not be much.
  • Despite its small size, the canape includes quite a few components. To avoid not suitable taste, ask carefully the name and ingredient of each type before eating. When holding it up, avoid re-placing the disc.
  • When cannot eat, wrap the rest in paper and put it in the trash or give it to staff. Do not leave on the plate or put on the table to cause unsanitary, affecting people who eat later.
  • When eating canape, eat slowly, avoiding the food sticking to your mouth. Use your other hand to catch under your mouth to avoid getting rid of clothes.

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