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What is chafer? Some note when choosing chafer for hotel restaurant

Chafer is one of the important and indispensable tools and utensils in hotel restaurants. So what is chafer? There are several types of chafer for hotel buffet,  some note that we need to pay attention when choosing a chafer for a hotel restaurant and the address to buy quality chafer.

What is chafer?

What is chafer? Chafer is a thermos pot which is often used by hotel restaurants in parties. Chafer is also known as chafing dish, buffet pot, buffet cooker, because this type of pot is often used by restaurants to serve buffet.

Just like the name of chafer – buffet pot, chafer has the effect of keeping the temperature for stews, soup, stir-frying, … Make sure the temperature of the dish stays longer. At the same time, chafer also has a lid to prevent dirt and insects from falling into food when the guests have not arrived.

Chafer là gì? Nồi hâm buffet khách sạn là gì?
What is chafer? What is hotel buffet chafer?

Types of Buffet warmers  chafer- basic chafer classification

There are quite a number of types, style of chafer. Depending on the shape, size and nature of the chafer, there are different classifications. In it, there are 5 basic ways to distinguish chafer:

Sort buffet chafer according to the number of chafer

According to the number of chafer, there are 2 basic types of buffet chafer:

  • Single buffet chafer: only one chafer, can hold 1 single dish.
  • Double buffet warmers: This kind of chafer is divided into 2 compartments, can hold 2 dishes at the same time.

The form of double chafer is very popular at the party serving buffet in the hotel restaurant because of its convenience (can keep many dishes at the same time).

Chafer division by style

As food containers and display for customers, chafer designs must ensure aesthetics and fit the overall space. Therefore, when designing chafer, there are many styles for customers to choose:

  • Round chafer
  • Square chafer  
  • Rectangle chafer  

Besides, there are other chafer designs: semicircle, cambered, …

Mẫu chafer nắp kính, đốt cồn thường dùng tại các buổi tiệc ngoài trời
Sample of chafer glass lid is often used at outdoor parties

Sort the hotel thermos chafer according to the lid

When divided by lid, there are the following types of chafer:

  • Chafer has no lid
  • Chafer has a metal lid
  • Chafer has a glass lid (can see inside)

Classification chafer by heat transfer method

Electric Buffet chafer: mainly used at indoor parties; Where having available power.

Alcohol-based Buffet Cookers: often used when restaurants need large numbers of chafer and when organizing outside parties . Because this kind of chafer does not need electricity, it is quite handy when using outdoors.

Distinguish pot buffet according to the material

Usually, chafer is made from high quality stainless steel material. However, in high-class hotel restaurants, there are often more advanced types of chafer to serve special parties:

  • Stainless steel heating chafer
  • Silver plated stainless steel buffet chafer
  • Gold plated stainless steel chafer

Whether it is stainless steel or gold or silver plated does not affect chafer’s heat holding capacity. However, due to its class and elegance, silver-plated and gold-plated chafer models will cost much more than conventional plain stainless steel chafer models.

Sử dụng các loại giá thủng, vách chia ngăn để kết hợp khi dùng chafer
Using punching hole basket, partition dividers to combine when using chafer

Experience of selecting Chafer for restaurants – hotels

Chafer made from stainless steel is durable and affordable. Every hotel should use this kind of buffet if it is not necessary to focus on the class.

For certain items need to close the lid or in cold climates, should choose the type of glass lid warmers. Diners who do not need to open the lid can also see the food inside. As such, it is convenient for customers as well as keep food better.

The soup-style dishes, soup, … should be placed in chafer in round shape. This not only creates high aesthetics but also helps customers feel the dish is scooped out from the cooking pot itself. At that time, customers will feel more satisfied and interested.

If it’s a small hotel or a small party, you should use a large rectangular chafer. Place trays and small food compartments inside the pot so that you can heat many dishes at once. This avoids the need to equip too many small pots.

For fried dishes, it is necessary to keep hot and drain the oil, so use a punctured tray, inox in the pot.

Star Solutions cung cấp bộ đồ dùng nhà hàng, trong đó, có chafing dish bằng inox cao cấp
Star Solutions provides restaurant kits, including high quality stainless steel chafing dish

Where to buy quality chafer  

As a food container for guests, choosing a quality chafer is extremely important. We should choose the reputable chafer vendors such as Kingo, Sunnex, Yufeh Bava, …

To avoid buying fake and substandard goods, you can order at reputable and professional addresses.

At Star Solutions, we provide quality, imported chafer models of high-end brands. Besides, we also have kitchen appliances, utensils, restaurantcutlery set , … It can satisfy all demand for hotel furniture for customers.

The price of a buffet pot usually ranges from 300,000 to over 10 million VND / unit. However, when choosing a chafing dish, base on the needs, size and class of the hotel to choose the appropriate chafer models. Please choose a variety of designs and sizes for you to use in many different situations!

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