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What is CMO? Describe the job of the chief marketing officer

CMO is an important position in companies and businesses. This is the target of many employees working in marketing field. So what is CMO? What does the CMO’s work include? The roles of CMO in business operations.

What is CMO? What is the marketing director?

What is CMO? The CMO stands for the Chief Marketing Officer which means marketing manager. This is a senior position in a business, the company responsible for marketing. CMO together with CFO, CIO, CHRO are effective assistants, working under the CEO – CEO.

This position plays an important role in the development of enterprises, especially in the current digital technology and information technology era.

The roles and duties of CMO are expressed through the promotion of products, communication and marketing of products to customers. Besides, the marketing manager is also manage customer service activities; Public Relations; build and manage websites about products and services of enterprises.

CMO là gì?
What is CMO?

Describe the CMO job

As the head of a large segment of a business, CMO has a lot of work every day. In it, it is possible to mention planning and implementing marketing activities; advise the company director; management and administration of junior staff, …

The marketing director’s job: plan and implement marketing activities

  • Plan, set up solutions and organize the implementation of marketing activities of businesses.
  • Operating and implementing market research activities, micro products of customers. From there, build effective measuring tools for marketing activities.
  • Develop and propose budget for marketing activities of enterprises, submit to the director for approval. Implement and administer the implementation of the budget according to the plan.

The function of marketing director: advising the CEO

  • Advise the director, board of directors on communication plans and strategies . Brand development of businesses.
  • Proposing personnel and operational plans with the director. Performed after approval.
  • Periodically report to the Director of the company about the performance of the work in its management area.

What is the work of the CMO: Coordinate with other departments

Coordinate with other departments: sales department, production department, develop strategies , plans, preferential policies for customers and partners, especially big customers and important partners. Ensure maximum benefits for the company while still taking care of customers in the best way.

What is the work of CMO: building and implementing customer care activities

Take care of after-sales customers, keep good relationships with both old customers and future customers of the company. Building a system of patrons and loyal customers.

Receiving and synthesizing customers’ information and evaluation about the company and its products and services. Transfer these ideas and assessments to the respective departments for timely solutions.

Công việc của CMO là gì
What is the work of the CMO

The mission of CMO: establishing relationships with partners

Establish and maintain relationships with partners, agencies and providers of communication and marketing services of the company: newspapers, event-organizing companies, …

Recruit, guide, administer and supervise junior staff (employees working in marketing department).

What are the powers of CMO? 

  • Approve documents, plans and decisions within their jurisdiction
  • Review and approve expenses within the scope approved by the director.
  • Request, suggest related departments to coordinate as needed
  • Allowing leave, leave, discipline, reward, salary increase, warnings for junior staff. For department heads, the CMO has the right to propose to the CEO.

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What is the role of CMO? 

As one of the important positions in the operation of a business, CMO has a great role, affecting the development of the company.

The role of CMO: building and asserting the brand of the enterprise

All the tasks that the CMO has to do above are used to serve this task. This is the main task, the most important task of the CMO.

Brand is not something that can be grasped, visible. However, it is an extremely important asset for businesses. CMO must build a reputable and attractive brand, ensuring their loyalty to the company’s products and services.

Not only that, the business director must also ensure the “coverage” of the corporate brand to all of their target customers. Only by marketing the right people, the business can be effective.

Giám đốc marketing có vai trò xây dựng và phát triển thương hiệu doanh nghiệp
Marketing director plays a role in building and developing business brand

Technology develops every hour. In order for the company’s marketing activities not to be outdated, CMO must regularly monitor the development of this field. Besides, they also have to keep track of new markeeting activities of rival companies, partners to make plans, change accordingly.

Capturing new marketing trends is not to apply them mechanically. The CMO must selectively absorb what is appropriate for the business so that marketing activities develop safely and securely.

The role of CMO: assessing the effectiveness of marketing activities of enterprises

Not only must marketing and affirming the brand, the marketing director must also turn the customers’ trust into real action. Marketing activities must be accompanied by increased sales, new company revenue is an effective marketing campaign.

The assessment of marketing performance helps CMO to find limitations in its plans and make appropriate adjustments.

The marketing director’s mission: to train and find quality personnel

As a manager, a leader, the CMO has to search for its own qualified staff. In addition, CMO must also build a comfortable working environment so that lower-level employees can fully develop their abilities and roles.

Leading a department, CMO must know how to inspire employees; synthesizing comments from employees to get a job quickly and effectively.

Understanding customer psychology is also the duty of the marketing director

As the builder and operator of customer care activities, CMO must grasp the customers’ minds and aspirations according to each day and every hour. Questions and complaints of customers will be the basis for enterprises to renew and change themselves. From there, serve customers better.

To become a CMO – professional marketing manager, requires a lot of professional skills as well as management and administration capabilities. Therefore, for those who have a goal of this position, right now, cultivate your own skills and experiences about the industry you want to target.

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