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What is Combo? Benefits of eating combo for restaurants and diners

Restaurant menus usually consist of many sections, multiple items. In addition to the main dish, side dishes, drinks, the menu often has combo dishes to increase the shopping ability of customers. What is a combo?What are the benefits of eating combo for restaurants as well as diners? Should you choose combo when eating at restaurants, hotels?

What is Combo?

What is Combo? Combo is a form of shopping that combines many items at the same time. (Eg buy a coombo + a towel + 1 foot socks). Currently, the form of selling, buying combo increasingly popular by the food industry, cosmetics, fashion, ….

In restaurants, hotels, the sale of the combo is very popular. Combo in the restaurant is a combination of many dishes at the same time. May include food and beverages, may include only dishes. This combination helps restaurants sell more items, customers also ordered faster and more convenient.

Combo là gì? Phần ăn combo trong nhà hàng là gì
What is Combo? What’s the combo in the restaurant?

The benefits of eating combo for restaurants

The combo boosts sales

If you are a regular customer, you can order only 1-2 items. When sold under combo, restaurants can sell many items at the same time. The number of items sold for a turn of customers will be more, so sales also increased.

When customers go to large groups, large combos, more incentives will be selected more by the customers than the selection of many individual items.

Combo menu stimulates eating

When placed in combo, the dish will be cheaper when purchased retail 10-15%. Moreover, paying for combo makes the customer feel cheaper to eat than when eating individual items. Therefore, they will have a stronger desire to order.

The combination of dishes in the combo helps the restaurant deftly graft the special dishes of the restaurant as well as the unknown ones to stimulate the shopping of customers.

Create competitive advantage

Combined combo dishes will help the restaurant create more advantage over its competitors, especially the competitors do not have this service.

However, to be able to “win” with combo campaigns, restaurants have to be skillful in integrating the dishes, with changes, innovation flexibly from time to time, to attract customers.

Benefits of eating combo with diners

Most restaurants now have combo meals. In addition to the above benefits for the restaurant, combo meals also give customers special incentives.

Eat a combo to save money

Compared to the retail, when grafted into combo, the price of the food is usually reduced from 10-15%. Even on promotional days, the price may be lower. Then, customers can save some of their spending.

Lợi ích của phần ăn combo là gì?
What are the benefits of eating combo?

Opportunity to enjoy strange dishes

A menu with a lot of strange dishes. However, not all diners can enjoy every dish in a restaurant. When eating combo, customers will be able to enjoy new items, especially nested together.

More convenient with combo menus

The combo is often meticulously calculated: combo for 2 people, 3 people, combo family, combo kids, combo, high class combo … customers do not have to spend time choosing each item that can order Combo is very fast and convenient.

Should eat combo when entering restaurant?

Eating combo bring more convenience but not always customers should choose the combo eat when entering the restaurant. If you go out, choose the combo will cause excess waste. The purpose of calling a combo will not be achieved.

On the other hand, in a restaurant, there is not just one type of combo. Depending on the number of people in the group that calls the appropriate combo. Also note that the items in the combo are suitable or not. Do not choose combos that are more than half of the strange food, have not heard or eat over. Because of that, you probably will not agree with most of them.

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