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What is Commercial Hotel? Features of Commercial Hotel

If divided by target customers, there are many different types of hotels: Airport hotel, resort hotel, Budget hotel, Commercial hotel, … So What is Commercial Hotel? What are the characteristics of Commercial hotel and current hotel development trend?

What is Commercial Hotel?

Commercial Hotel is the term for the type of commercial hotel. This is the type of hotel that has a main target of business people and business guests. With this main audience, commercial hotel often concentrates in big cities with economic conditions. At the same time, the hotel services also focus on serving this audience: meeting room, conference room, modern business center, …

However, in addition to business travelers, officials, working staff, … business hotels still cater to other groups of tourists or travelers, especially during holidays, holidays  

In Vietnam, commercial hotels are concentrated in big cities: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, …

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Commercial hotel là gì?
What is Commercial hotel?

Features of Commercial Hotel

The main service object

Just like the name – commercial hotel – the hotel has the main customers who are business people, business guests, officials are allowed to study, work, attendees of conferences, press conferences, … The remaining few could be other tourists and travelers.

Geographical location

In addition to being concentrated in big cities, with developed economies, commercials are also built in beautiful locations:

  • Located right in the city center, where there are many office buildings, government agencies, event venues (eg National Convention Center)
  • Located in major roads, convenient traffic

Distance to airport, bus station near, convenient to move

Khách sạn thương mại có bàn làm việc kèm đèn bàn làm việc riêng
The commercial hotel has a work desk with lamp

Design and decoration in commercial hotels

In order to serve customers best, based on the main customer, the commercial hotel has many details that are tailored to serve its main customers:

  • Bedrooms often have a work desk with a separate desk lamp
  • Large hotel lobby, with many comfortable sofas to be a place to rest and chat for guests when needed.
  • Facilities: shoe heel, shoe cleaner, shoe polish, razor, … are indispensable. Because for business customers and business travelers, the rate of male visitors is often higher than female guests.
Đặc điểm của commercial hotel là gì?
What are the characteristics of commercial hotel?

Other services in the hotel

Besides the common services at most high-class hotels: gym, spa, laundry, restaurant, bar, café, commercial hotel, there will be many utility services aimed at public guests. Service: meeting rooms, business center, souvenir shops, specialty goods, etc. These are services that public employees are needed because their time is often very limit.

Besides, in the commercial hotel, the facilities: meeting rooms, conference rooms, … will be equipped with extremely modern, fully equipped. The office service center will be fully invested: translating, printing, translation, hiring secretary, drafting documents …

Phòng hội nghị khách sạn thương mại được trang bị đầy đủ và hiện đại
Conference rooms for commercial hotels are fully equipped and modern

Development trend of Commercial Hotel type

When the hotel and tourism service industry has developed strongly like today, in order to find a foothold for themselves, investors are constantly refreshing and perfecting their hotels. Therefore, whether it is a commercial hotel, a resort hotel or a casino hotel … must be fully equipped with facilities and services.

The boundaries between hotels according to the target market segment are increasingly fuzzy, but instead are multi-purpose hotels that can serve many different types of customers.

In addition, when life is enhanced, business travelers, business people always tend to choose a versatile hotel instead of a hotel for business purposes only. Because here, they will have a more restful time during their business trip. At the same time, the mission can be considered as a dual activity including work and vacation.

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