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What is commis chef? Job description of the commis chef

In addition to the main chefs, in charge of cooking, are indispensable for the commis chef positions. This is an important position contributing to the success of the kitchen department in restaurants and hotels. So what is the commis chef? What is the job description of them? What are the functions and duties of the commis chef in the hotel restaurant? How much salary does they receive?

What is commis chef?

What is commis chef? They are those who work under the assignment and supervision of the main chef. This is an effective assistant of the main kitchen with the following tasks: food inspection, food preparation, cleaning, …

Usually, a main chef will have 3-5 cookers. Therefore, it can be said that in the hotel kitchen department, the commis chef is the position having the most of staff.

For those who want to develop in the cooking industry, commis chef is the first step in work that cannot be ignored. This job has not too high salary but quite tiring. However, the famous chefs in the world all commented that they had learned a myriad of things during their time as commis chef.

Phụ bếp là gì? Phụ bếp phải làm những công việc gì?
What is commis chef? What jobs do they have to do?

The job description of the commis chef at the hotel restaurant  

As said, the commis chef is the assistant, helping the main chefs and working under the command and supervision of the main kitchen. Therefore, the work of hotel cookers is usually the job: preparing food, cleaning materials, etc. Specifically, the job description of the hotel restaurant kitchen includes the following jobs:

Work of commis chef: preparing materials and tools

Prepare cooking ingredients for using during the day, during work shifts. Check the quality of each material. Make sure the cooking ingredients are ready when the main chef needs it.

Prepare tools and equipment to support cooking: pots, grinders, ovens, plates of decorative bowls, etc. Make sure everyday tools are always full and ready when needed. If it is found to be missing, damaged, need to repair or report to replace immediately.

Checking, maintaining and preserving appliances, equipment and materials used in the kitchen. This inspection and storage must be carried out in accordance with SOP standard or regulations set by the restaurant.

Preliminary processing of materials to be used in shifts. Cut, shape according to the requirements of superiors. Specifically: washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, cutting vegetables into flowers, peeling shrimps, …

Phụ bếp là công việc giữ vai trò quan trọng của bộ phận bếp
Commis chef is the job that plays an important role of the kitchen department

The task of the kitchen assistant: support the work in the kitchen

Supporting in the kitchen according to the assignment of superiors, especially when crowded.

Processing dishes on demand, under the supervision and direction of the main kitchen

Kitchen work: keeping the kitchen hygienic

Cleaning the food cabinet, making sure the kitchen area is clean and hygienic. Arranging food, ingredients, spices in the right place, neat and scientific.

Cleaning kitchen utensils: knives, cutting boards, grinders, … clean after each shift.

Other work of hotel commis chef

  • Check gas, lights, fans system, … before and after the shift.
  • Checking the tools and equipment of kitchen area. Report and maintain in case of missing or damaged.
  • Participating in training sessions organized by restaurants and hotels
  • Assist guests in the days of crowded guests, lack of staff
  • Attend necessary meetings
  • Perform other tasks assigned by superiors.
Phụ bếp làm việc dưới sự giám sát, yêu cầu của bếp chính
Commis chef work under the supervision and requirements of the main chef

The salary of the commis chef

Currently, in Vietnam, this position usually ranges from 3-5 million / month. However, after working for a longer time or with experience, this fix salary will increase to 4-6 million.

In addition to fix salary, kitchen accessories also get other income: service charge , hot bonus, tip, …

Promotion route of commis chef

Starting with the hotel commis chef, when you perform well and have enough experience, you will be reminded to the kitchen assistant. Higher positions: chef, main kitchen, chef, … will be the next steps.

However, in order to promote to higher positions, the commis chef needs to have a process of accumulating experience and cooking skills. Because becoming a chef not only requires patience, hard work and effort, but also a talent, creativity and cooking skills. Therefore, please make efforts to learn and accumulate experience from the moment you work as a commis chef to have the most promising developments in your career.

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