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What is Concierge? Job description of hotel Concierge staff

The hotel lobby group includes many small parts. Besides Reception, reservations, Business Center etc., it can be mentioned that the part of Concierge is indispensable. So what is Concierge? Job description of the Concierge in the hotel.

What is Concierge?

Concierge in French means gatekeeper or candlestick in the Royal palace. Similar to French, Concierge in English meaning is a waiter, service provider.

When used in hospitality, tourism, Concierge is the term used to refer to the customer support department under the hotel FO.

Concierge is responsible for supporting and guiding customers (both hotel guests and visitors). In addition, they are responsible for supporting Doorman and Bellman when necessary.

At large hotels, especially large hotels in Europe, Concierge is responsible for serving customers with many detailed tasks: restaurant reservations, mailing, luggage, … However, at these Small hotels, Concierge usually do not have separate parts but will be bundled into other parts of the hotel (luggage section).

Concierge là gì?
What is Concierge?

Job description of the hotel Concierge

The specific work of a Concierge staff includes many small details. Specific Concierge jobs will vary, depending on the level and standard of each hotel. However, basically, Concierge work includes:

Concierge manages publications, newspapers, magazines

In the hotel there are always a lot of newspapers and magazines used to serve customers in the rooms as well as in the lobby. Concierge’s mission is:

  • Ensuring the number of newspapers and magazines at the counter is always in accordance with regulations
  • Distribute newspapers and magazines to each room for guests upon request and regulation

Work of Concierge: rental of equipment  

To best serve customers, the hotel offers many free / charged facilities. Customers can rent or borrow them easily. These include: umbrellas, cell phone chargers, power plugs, etc. At that time, guests will come to the customer support counter and the Concierge’s duties are:

  • Determine the requirements of the guests, make the necessary rental procedures: deposit, sign, …
  • Make records, invoices, lists of items borrowed to compare them when they return

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Concierge hỗ trợ khách hàng trong nhiều trường hợp
Concierge supports customers in many cases

Hotel Concierge is tasked with supporting simple technical issues

  • Concierge support when customers encounter simple problems: no wifi password, can’t catch wifi, air conditioner does not run, warm water is broken, …
  • If you have any problems, Concierge must contact the technical department of the hotel (if available) or contact a professional repair service company.

Concierge support homestay tourism organizations

  • Concierge advises guests on the destinations that guests want to go, want to know
  • Provide information about the tour service that the hotel has
  • In case the hotel does not have this service, concierge will advise prestigious places and help customers book tours when needed.

The work of hotel Concierge : assists guests in transportation

  • Contact with taxi companies, car rental companies, prestige self-driving cars.
  • Advise customers about prestigious addresses
  • Confirming the requirements on prices, pick-up points and drop-off points with car firms
  • Book flights, train tickets for customers when requested
  • Coordinate with the fleet to carry out the schedule of car and driver pickup
Concierge có vai trò quan trọng trong khách sạn
Concierge has an important role in the hotel

Concierge supports sending and receiving mail and parcels for guests

  • Receive mail and parcels from customers and send them at the right place. Charging money for parcels.
  • When there are parcels of guests sent to the hotel, check and compare information and notify the guests with parcels.
  • Compare information on letters / parcels with customer information, delivery of letters and parcels to guests.
  • When there are letters and parcels of guests leaving the hotel, confirm the information and inform guests. Carry out procedures for forwarding mail / parcels to guests upon request.

Concierge arrange alarm for customers

  • Confirm information (guest name, room number, alarm time …) with guests
  • Set alarm to system (if using automatic alarm)
  • Call the alarm phone for guests (if using a manual alarm)

Concierge supports doorman, bellman

  • Support management, luggage storage for customers during check-in, check out
  • Transport luggage to customers when leaving the car and upon check-in, room transfer

Concierge is a job that many people choose. Because in addition to the fix salary of 3-6 million, Concierge hotel also has many other income: tip of customers, commissions from tour sales, commissions from automakers, hotel service charge …

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