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What is Continental breakfast? Some types of breakfast in the hotel

Continental breakfast là thuật ngữ khá quen thuộc đối với những người làm việc trong ngành nhà hàng, khách sạn. Vậy Continental breakfast là gì? Một số kiểu bữa sáng phổ biến trong khách sạn hiện nay bao gồm những loại nào?

Continental breakfast là gì?

Continental breakfast có thể dịch là bữa ăn sáng kiểu lục địa. Đây là tên gọi loại bữa sáng kiểu Tây bao gồm nhiều món: bánh mì, bơ, mứt, cà phê, … Trong khách sạn, loại bữa sáng này thường được dùng để phục vụ khách lưu trú quốc tế mà chủ yếu là những khách Tây Âu.

Bữa sáng kiểu lục địa có đặc trưng là khá nhẹ nhàng, đơn giản. Nguồn gốc của loại bữa sáng này bắt nguồn từ thế kỉ 19 tại các nước Tây Âu thay cho bữa sáng kiểu Anh.

Continental breakfast là gì?
What is Continental breakfast?

The Continental breakfast includes: bread, croissants, Danish pastries, butter, cheese, jam, cereals, fruit juices, tea, coffee. However, depending on the region, there is a change to suit the taste.

In the hotels, depending on the customer, the hotel, regional culture, the continental breakfast menu will be adjusted and changed accordingly. However, this change and adjustment must still meet the most basic, standard criteria.

Continental breakfast  is free or not?

At upscale hotels, every guest who booked through the hotel has free continental breakfast. However, this is not a is really free breakfast. The price of this meal is included in the room price. In other words, when paying the room, the customer paid for some free services in the hotel, including continental breakfast.

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Some types of breakfast are often found in hotels

English breakfast

English breakfast is one of the famous breakfast types in the world. Because the British are famous for their fussy, luxurious, their breakfast is not only full of nutrients but also very stylish and beautiful.

Bữa sáng kiểu Anh
English breakfast

English breakfast includes:

  • Smoked meat (baked or deep fried)
  • Sausage (grilled or deep fried)
  • Tomato (grilled or to live)
  • Mushrooms (grilled or fried with butter)
  • Cooked beans
  • Omelet
  • Toasted bread)
  • Black pudding: food made from pig blood, lard, onion, oatmeal, … minced and stuffed into pig intestines. This dish is quite similar to Vietnamese pork sausage.

Regarding morning drinks, some English people use coffee however, many people will use tea. The morning tea are often contained in luxurious, sophisticated cups. The English call their breakfast “Full English breakfast”  

American Breakfast (American Breakfast – ABF)

America is an immigrant country with many different population components. However, American breakfast has a fairly simple recipe according to the fast-paced life of this country.

Bữa sáng kiểu Mỹ
American breakfast

American breakfast includes:

  • 2 omelet eggs
  • Toasted bread
  • Mashed potato
  • Bacon
  • Sausage
  • Jam, butter (to eat with bread)

For drinks, American breakfast is often accompanied by coffee or fruit juice.

Currently, at hotels, people often not only serve a particular type of breakfast but there are often many types for guests to choose from. These breakfasts are called Buffet Breakfast. Buffet Breakfast usually has 20-40 dishes and a variety of drinks.

In many hotels, buffet serve not only serve guests in hotels but also selling tickets to serve outside guests. Such hotels will have more and more quality dishes.

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