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What is cross-selling? The secret to successful implementation of cross-selling at hotels

Cross-selling is one of the ways to boost consumer spending, increasing the revenue for businesses that are widely used. So what is cross-selling? What is cross-selling in a hotel restaurant? The secret to successful cross-selling in hotel restaurants

What is cross-selling?

What is cross-selling? This is a strategy to sell other products and services to customers in the process of consulting and using products.

Like up-selling , cross-selling also has the ultimate purpose of making customers buy more products and services; Since then, increasing sales revenue for businesses.

In order to conduct cross-selling, in the process of introduction, consultation or conversation during sales, customer service, staff will introduce guests products and services related to the service that customers are using or want to buy. From there, stimulate the shopping ability of customers.

Cross-selling là gì? Cross-selling khách sạn là gì?
What is cross-selling? What is Cross-selling hotel?

Cross-selling in hotel restaurant

As mentioned, cross-selling is applied in many businesses, many industries. In the hospitality industry, applying cross-selling is very important to increase revenue.

Cross-selling in hotel restaurants not only helps the hotel increase revenue but also helps customers experience the service perfectly and more completely. This is the same way of bringing hotel services and products closer to customers.

For customers, cross-selling also brings significant benefits. Because so many people come to the hotel without knowing the service they want to use. Cross-selling will make them understand more about the product and find the right product for you. Thereby, the hotel is also appreciated for its ability to serve customers; make a better impression in the eyes of customers.

Examples of cross-selling in restaurants and hotels

When guests arrive at the hotel and book a room for a honeymoon, the receptionist will advise on the related services the hotel offers: honeymoon bed decoration , wine, chocolate, meals dark under candles; double room spa services, double travel, … Customers can choose to use one or more of these related services instead of just booking. The hotel sells more products.

When guest arrive at the hotel restaurant and order Foiegrass. Service staff, order will advise customers more about the type of wine most suitable for this dish. At the same time, introducing a type of salad to make the Foiegrass dish more special … Customers feel reasonable and agree to call for more wine and new food.

Sự khác nhau giữa cross-selling với up-selling
The difference between cross-selling and up-selling

Cross-selling is different from up-selling

Cross-selling and up-selling have common characteristics that are for product introduction purposes; stimulate consumption; increase revenue for hotels. However, up-selling and cross-selling are two different terms. So how to distinguish cross-selling and up-selling?

Cross-selling is the introduction of related services to customers when customers have purchased a certain product or service. Use a combination of services to help customers have a more perfect experience.

Up-selling is the directing of customers to use more advanced services and products, replacing products and services that customers have previously selected.

Simply, the same is how to increase the cost of customers; but up-selling increases costs by selling more expensive, more expensive products; Cross-selling also sells additional products related to products sold.

In fact, the up-selling and cross-selling implementation process is not separate. Because they are done in the process of consulting for customers or during customer check-in, order. However, depending on the situation, restaurants and hotels will prioritize 1 in 2 or combine up-selling and cross-selling at the same time.

How to carry out successful cross-selling in hotels?

For successful cross-selling in hotels, hotel staff should note the following tips:

About knowledge

Understand clearly the products and services provided by the hotel restaurant. Under the promotions, preferential policies that the hotel is applying.

From the above information, which reasonable services can be combined with which services? What additional services can customers use?

Understand the profile and information of each customer as closely as possible. Information: name, age of the customer, nationality, purpose of the trip, number of people accompanying, … must know before check-in , product consultation for guests.

Cách thực hiện thành công cross-selling khách sạn
How to successfully implement cross-selling hotels

About how to chat with customers

Always friendly, smiling when chatting with guests. Pay attention to the guests’ gestures, eyes but don’t stare at the guests.

Use polite voices, respect customers. At the same time, use customer names to address when chatting with guests. When advising foreign guests, always use Mr, Ms, Mrs, Sir, Madam when addressing.

Based on the products customers have purchased; the purpose of the trip and the object of the customer to cross-sell the associated products: spa, laundry, tour, massage, …

Use more open-ended questions to make customers curious about other products and services.

Do not insist, force customers to buy more services. Because that can cause loss of customers, reduce sales; at the same time, making customers feel offensive, underestimating the quality of the hotel service.

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Policies to promote cross-selling in hotels

  • Training staff on customer care skills; counseling skills; how to capture customer psychology; … so that each employee can conduct cross-selling skillfully.
  • Offer appropriate bonus and commission policies to encourage and motivate employees.
  • There are promotion programs, incentives, loyalty policies to stimulate customers’ spending.
  • In addition, the hotel must also strengthen the quality of its services. Because if they do not satisfy customers, they will not come back and underestimate the hotel.

Whether cross-selling or up-selling has the purpose of increasing revenue for hotels. However, the implementation of cross-selling, up-selling or other strategies: overbooking , minLOS, maxLOS in hotel business must be conducted skillfully and planned. Hopefully, with the sharing on what is cross-selling, Star Solutions will help you have useful information in your work.

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