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What is cross-training? The benefits from cross-training for hotel restaurants

In a hotel business, in addition to providing effective business strategies, the training of personnel is also essential. Cross-training is one of the familiar forms of personnel training in hotels. What is cross-training?What are the basic forms and methods of cross-training? Benefits of cross-training for restaurants and hotels?

What is cross-training?

What is cross-training? Cross-training is a form of cross-training for human resources in businesses. Accordingly, employees are cross-trained between group or in one department. Example: marketing department staff trained more business knowledge; PR department staff are trained in customer service knowledge; …

In hotel restaurants, cross-training is very popular. When organizing a cross-training in a hotel restaurant, cross-training will be conducted between locations in a department: (hostess – order – cashier – service). It is also possible to cross-train between two different departments: F&B Division with Sales department; reception department with room department ; …

Subjects selected to participate in cross-training are often highly valued employees; potential for long-term development at the hotel.

Cross-training là gì?
What is cross-training?

Basic cross-training methods

There are many different forms of cross-training. However, each form and method has its own advantages. Depending on the purpose, the need to train and select cross-training forms is appropriate.

What is On-job-training? ( Direct training )

With On-job-training training method, people who are sent to cross training will be trained by a highly qualified staff of the department. Related skills and skills will be taught and guided directly by the instructor. Time for cross-training will last for 2-3 months, depending on hotel policies. In the process, there will be supervisor, inspector and to evaluate the training effectiveness of both parties.

This cross-training training method is suitable for people with strong abilities; is the target for higher positions: manager, head of department, …

For example, the staff of the chamber room is cross-trained about receptionist knowledge in On-job-training form. At that time, the staff of that room will be transferred to this department for 2-3 months. During this process, a receptionist will be responsible for guiding and training the staff of this room completely.

Các phương pháp, hình thức đào tạo cross-training là gì?
What are the methods and forms of cross-training training?

Cross-training concentration

Concentrated cross-training is a form of cross-training training for many people at the same time only by a guide. As a form of training many people at the same time, to have a good training effect, there must be a clear training plan; At the same time, carefully prepare the location, time, training program,… 

Concentrated cross-training can train many people from different departments at the same time. However, when training, employees have less chance to experience, practice reality. Therefore, it is necessary to have a separate practice plan for each person.

Online cross-training 

Online cross-training has the advantage of saving time, effort and money. Accordingly, trainees do not need to meet their instructor directly. Instead, they can use software, applications, websites, …

However, this method of distance learning and online training is only suitable for the training of skills, the job does not need to be in direct contact with customers: sales, marketing, … If training in positions Other: service, reception, … must have separate practice and teaching time.

What are the benefits of Cross-training ?

It is not normal that cross-training is applied in many different hotels. Cross-training gives the hotel extremely important benefits, especially personnel issues.

Vai trò của cross-training với nhà hàng, khách sạn
The role of cross-training with restaurants and hotels

Cross-training helps to transfer human resources flexibly

When the hotel staff was cross-trained with many different skills, at the time the hotel was too crowded, lack of people, the transfer of staff would be more flexible. The hotel does not worry about missing unexpected employees.

Cross-training helps the hotel handle human resource situations more easily and proactively.

Cross-training helps the hotel reduce the cost of training new personnel

Hotel staff, especially female employees, often have long leave (maternity leave). Meanwhile, cross-training staff will replace employees who have a long leave until they come back. Thus, the hotel will not have to recruit new people, not lack of time and cost of training new personnel. At the same time, there will be no shortage of personnel shortcomings in many times.

Role of cross-training: early training of management level for hotels

The person who promoted from lower positions will understand the hotel better than hiring directly from outside. Therefore, cross-training will help those who have the capacity to accumulate experience in many different positions. They are the choices for the heads of departments, managers and leaders in the future.

Cross-training increases solidarity and help between employees and departments

When trying to challenge yourself in different positions, understanding each other’s difficulties, employees in a department or between departments will sympathize with each other. Since then, increasing affection and attention among internal staff in the hotel.

In addition, through cross-training, when there is support, helping each other between department will also need less friction time, getting used to the job faster.

The effect of cross-training: exploring new potentials

For many people, trying different positions will make them find their mysterious potential. They can discover new capabilities and abilities. From there, contribute better for the job.

Being able to participate in cross-training courses, staff will feel more empowered. Since then will work harder, have a higher loyalty to the work, with the hotel.

Cross-training plays an important role in the operation of a hotel. Because cross-training can help the hotel solve human resources issues actively. However, to make the cross-training process take place smoothly;  achieve the desired effect, the hotel must have a plan, a program. The personnel selected to participate in cross-training must also be competent, able to capture two or more skills at the same time.

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