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What is cutlery? The full name of cutlery set in hotel restaurant

Hotel restaurant is home to many specialized words. The tools used in the room, in the kitchen have their own names. So what cutlery is in a hotel restaurant? What is the cutlery used for? Which tools are the full cutlery set in the hotel restaurant? Full set of cutlery when serving European dishes?

What is cutlery?

What is cutlery? Cutlery when translated into Vietnamese means knife, fork… in general. However, when using in the restaurant, hotel, cutlery industry is the term used for metal utensils used to serve European meals.

Cutlery includes mainly items such as knives, spoons and forks. However, each type of knife, spoon, fork is divided into many types with many different uses. Therefore, understanding and remembering the effect of each type is essential and important for restaurant staff.

The current cutlery is made mainly from the materials: silver, high-grade stainless steel, gold plating, …The high class the restaurant, hotel, need the cutlery set is more sophisticated, unique and stunning.

Cutlery là gì? Bộ cutlery đầy đủ trong nhà hàng, khách sạn
What is cutlery? Full cutlery set in restaurant, hotel

What does the Cutlery set include?

The cutlery set includes many different items. However, not every table setting has to be set up by a whole cutlery set. Instead, people only select the necessary items to display and use.

Depending on the dish on the table and the guests order to prepare the device accordingly. In addition, the waiters also need to remember the order of items to be brought on the table to supplying, replacing the cutlery tool accordingly.

Due to the selection and setup of items in the cutlery set to accurate, the hotel restaurant staff needs to remember the full cutlery set:

Full cutlery tool: Knife  

In the cutlery set, there are many different knives, including:

Main course knife / dinner knife: The main course knife – about 22.5cm long, without a sharp tip, may or may not have serrated teeth. This knife is used to eat main dishes and meat dishes.

Fish knife: Fish knife – about 20.8cm long, no serrated. This knife is used to eat fish dishes, without serrated meat so that the meat is not crushed.

Steak knife: The meat knife – about 22.5cm long, has pointed or serrated teeth. This knife is used to cut meat and steaks …

Pastry slicer: Cake cutter – about 25 cm long, used to cut pastries, big and thick pies.

Butter knife: Butter knife – about 13.8cm long, used to pick up and spread butter on bread.

Cheese knife: Cheese cutter – various sizes, used to cut cheese.

Dao, nĩa, muỗng là những dụng cụ quan trọng nhất trong bộ cutlery
Knives, forks and spoons are the most important tools in the cutlery set

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The spoons in the hotel 

Main course spoon: Main spoon – about 20.5cm long, used for main dishes or pasta dishes.

Dessert spoon / pasta spoon: Spoons dessert – about 18cm long, used to eat desserts.

Small dessert spoon: about 15.5cm long, used to eat pastries, cream cakes (canape, tiramisu …) Europe and Asia

Soup spoon: about 18cm long, served with European style soups

Salad serving spoon: Serve salads

Tea spoon: Tea spoon – used when drinking tea

Coffee / Demi-tasse spoon: Coffee spoon – about 14cm long, used when drinking, stirring coffee

Small coffee spoon: about 12cm long, used when serving espresso

Parfait spoon: Cream spoon, cake – used when serving ice cream, soft cake

Barspoons: Stirring spoon – about 18.5cm long, used when serving drinks contained in tall glasses (cocktail, mocktail, smoothie, …), need to be stirred.

Mỗi loại dao, nĩa đều được sử dụng với các loại món ăn, đồ uống khác nhau
Each type of knife and fork is used with different types of dishes and drinks

Types of fork in cutlery set

Like knives and spoons, the fork in the cutlery set also includes many different designs. Each type of dish will have a separate plate. However, when setting the plate on the table, be aware that the size of the plate must be proportional to the size of the same set of knives.

The type of fork eaten in restaurant cutlery sets include:

Dinner fork: Main fork – about 20.5cm long; use when eating main dishes, meat dishes or pasta dishes;

Fish fork: Fish fork – about 19.1 cm long. Fish fork has only 3 legs, making it easier for diners to eat fish dishes.

Salad serving fork: This fork to serve diners eating salads, salads, …

Cocktail fork: Desserts fork, serving plates of desserts (cakes, fruits, …)

Pastry fork: fork for cakes – Serve when serving pastries, European cakes.

Another tools in cutlery set

Salad serving tool: clamp form with one side of the spoon, a side with a tooth like a fork. Usually about 20cm long.

Cake clamping device: about 28cm in length.

Food pickers: have various shapes and sizes (25-30cm)

Crab cracker: Crab and crab clamps – about 15cm in size

Lobster pick: Lobster tool

Snail tongs and forks: Snail tongs and fork picks

Nutcracker: Particle clamping device – about 15cm in size; used to clamp nuts such as walnuts, macadamia nuts, …

Silver tea tongs: Sugar tongs, tea bags

Tools for eating fish eggs: knives, forks, spoons by nacre

Hot keeping food light: use to keep the heat for chicken, grilled beef, …

The large soup spoon (28cm long), often used in the kitchen

The small soup spoon (about 19cm long); used in soup pots, chafer at the buffet counter

Food scraper (15cm) used to sweep bread crumbs, dry food chips on the table

Splayd: spork (spoon + fork); spife (spoon + knife); knork (knife + fork): Knife and spoon combination tool.

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