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What is Deadline? Find out about the deadline in the hotel restaurant

Deadline is a term frequently mentioned during work or study. In the restaurant industry, hotel deadlines are also very popular. So what is the deadline? What is deadline different from dateline? How to complete the job properly in deadline? The importance of deadlines for hotel and restaurant industry?

What is deadline?

Deadline is the point of time to finish the job. Today, the deadline is used in many fields. The introduction of deadline helps employees have more motivation to work. In addition, through the completion of the deadline, people can also assess the sense of work, staff capacity.

For employees, it is very important to get the job done in a timely manner. Deadline is a way for employees to demonstrate their abilities. In addition, it is undeniable that the completion of work on deadline is the pressure on many people.

Deadline là gì? Deadline là gì trong nhà hàng khách sạn?
What is deadline? What is deadline in hotel restaurants?

What is deadline in hotel restaurant

In hotel restaurants, the deadline is also used quite often: the deadline to complete the 1st floor room; deadline for reporting hotel reservations on February; deadline setup bed honeymoon room 1103; … The introduction of deadline will help employees have the target when working. The work to be completed also becomes clearer.

What is the different of deadline and dateline?

Same as date and time, timeline, however, deadlines and dateline are two different concepts. So what is a dateline? What is the difference between deadline and dateline?

What is dateline? Dateline is a timeline for taking place, conducting a job, an event. Therefore, when it comes to dateline, people will talk about an event. So what is the different of deadline and dateline? Deadline is the timeline for completing a job and the dateline is the timeline for an event.

For example:

  • Dateline of the hotel management board meeting is 10 am on November 20, 2018. That is, the meeting will start at 10 am on November 20, 2018.
  • Managers of subordinate must complete the summary report at the meeting before 10 am, the deadline for completing the report is 10am.
Xây dựng deadline và dateline trong công việc giúp việc quản lý nhân sự dễ dàng hơn
 Building deadlines and dateline in your work makes managing personnel easier

Deadline ‘s role with hotel restaurant personnel

In every business, manufacturing industry, including restaurant and hotel services, the use of deadlines in jobs helps ensure that jobs are completed on schedule.

Deadline helps managers manage human resources more effectively. Through the completion of the deadline, management can assess the capacity and sense of work of junior staff.

For employees, giving deadline helps them to have more goals in their daily work. In addition, through the deadline, employees can determine the importance of work. From there, it is possible to complete urgent and important tasks first. Therefore, setting the deadline also helps to complete the work in a more scientific way.

Deadline is also a motivation for employees to complete their work. Completing these deadlines is also a way for employees to demonstrate their abilities and attitudes towards work. The management makes and checks the deadline appropriately, making employees feel valued, less distracted at work.

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How to complete the deadline on time

In addition to the effects, the above positive role, undeniably that setting the deadline also creates certain pressures for employees. So how to avoid late deadlines?

Estimate the feasibility of implementing the deadline

When you receive a deadline for a job, you must determine the feasibility of the job. Besides, also review your schedule to see if other deadlines are overlapping. If you consider it unreasonable, negotiate with your supervisor about changing the time. Besides, you can ask for help from colleagues when the deadline cannot be changed.

Đôi khi, việc chạy deadline mang lại áp lực rất lớn cho nhân viên
Sometimes, running deadline brings great pressure for employees

Set reminders for each deadline

Creating a reminder, taking notes for each deadline helps you make more scientific arrangements for your work. Remind the deadline to write on paper, stick to places that are easy to pay attention; You can also create notes on a computer screen or a reminder on the phone.

Reminder, notes on deadline must be written in chronological order so that you can determine the proper order.

Familiarize yourself with focusing, speeding up progress

During your work, find a way to handle your work quickly and efficiently. Focusing on completing the job will help you save quite a bit and complete the deadline of the most timely work.

Working overtime or ask for help from colleagues

If there are unexpected problems, or worries of cannot complete the deadline for some reason, please work overtime to do the job ahead of time. Besides, if there is not enough time, ask your colleague for help so that the deadline is completed on time.

Although setting deadlines is essential and important to the job, however, in order not to put pressure on or stress on the employees, setting the deadline must be carefully calculated the workload and the capacity of the employees. , time needed, … Unreasonable deadline setting will make employees tired, frustrated and may be ineffective, need to be extended and repaired many times.

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