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What is Decanter? Why should alcohol be extracted into decanters?

In the art of enjoying gold wine, there are many principles to follow. Including the use of decanters. So what is decanter? Why should decanter be extracted before pouring into the glass? Experience  of selecting decanter bottles for hotel restaurants? Historical origins of decanter formation.

What is decanter?

What is decanter? Decanter is the name of the bottle used to extract wine before pouring into a glass. This bottle is made of glass or crystal material with many different designs and sizes.

Extraction of wine into decanter is one of the important stages when enjoying wine. This is aimed at making the wine more exposed to the air. From there, reduce the acrid, strong smell of alcohol, making wine more delicious, more pure when drinking.

In restaurants and hotels, when pouring wine, serving wine for guests, the decanter is indispensable. Therefore, it is important to understand and know how to choose each decanter with each type of wine.

Decanter là gì? Tại sao phải chiết rượu vào bình decanter?
What is decanter? Why should alcohol be extracted into decanters?

What is the origin of decanter – the development history of decanters

In ancient times, people often brewed wine in large wine casks from dozens to hundreds of liters. When parties and sacrifices take place, people will extract wine from the these container into small pottery pots. At that time, people discovered the “magic” when extracting wine to the bottle before drinking. Decanters are also widely available.

The first glass decanters were used by Romans. However, after the Roman Empire collapsed, glass production stalled. Meanwhile, decanters are converted to gold, silver or earthenware.

By the Renaissance, the glass material continued to be used as a decanter. The Venetians offer decanter designs with many improvements: a wider body; The neck is taller and tighter; … This makes alcohol more exposed to the air.

By the 1730s, in the UK, in addition to designing various decanter designs, decanter manufacturers also produced decanters have lid. Adding a lid helps the user control the air exposure to alcohol.

Today, the decanters in addition to helping the wine get in better contact with the air, it is also shows the level, the professionalism of the restaurant and the guests. The design and aesthetics of decanters are also very important. Style and average size increasingly diverse, satisfying all choices of buyers.

Kiểu dáng, kích thước bình decanter ngày càng đa dạng, độc đáo
Designs, sizes of decanters are more and more diverse and unique

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Why should wine be extracted into decanters before pouring into the glass?

Many people believe that extracting wine before pouring it into a glass is only a form. However, this is in fact not just a showy act. Instead, this is a very important stage when enjoying wine. So what is the cause of using decanters?

Decanters help make the wine more pure and delicious

When extracting alcohol from a decanter bottle, people will gently shake. At that time, the air will flow into the bottle, exposing to alcohol quickly. Oxygen molecules that come into contact with alcohol molecules break the inherent structure of alcohol. At that time, the wine will smell better and less harsh.

Depending on the type of wine, the time of “breathing” in the decanter will change long or short. Usually it takes 30-60 minutes before pouring for guests. Alcohol that has been extracted before decanter will be purer and tastier when taken directly. The selection of glasses of different sizes when drinking wine is also part of this purpose.

Dòng vang đỏ đậm đà nên sử dụng loại decanter đáy rộng
Rich red wines should use a wide-bottom decanter

Extraction of alcohol to decanter to remove alcohol residue

Wine with a long incubation period (over 10 years) often has a residue of alcohol. This is the grape peel in the process of brewing wine settling down to the bottom of the bottle. When using a decanter, the residue will be separated. This is the Decanting process, Carafing in the art of wine enjoyment.

Decanter bottles make wine more attractive

For hotel restaurants and professional wine drinkers, using decanters also makes wine more appealing. The color of the wine combined with the flow is circulated in the decanter with unique shapes. Customers will feel more attractive and professional if they enjoy the whole process.

Sử dụng decanter cong thể hiện sự chuyên nghiệp, đẳng cấp của người uống
Use curved decanter to show professionalism, class of drinkers

Experience Decanter vase selection for hotel restaurants

As said, to show the aesthetic, class, wine decanter manufacturers have designed many different decanter designs. To choose the most suitable and satisfactory decanter, it must be based on the different types of wine:

Red wine with a strong flavor (Petite Sirah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat, Tempranillo Monastrell, …) is suitable for decanters with a wide base and high neck. This wine has a high alcohol content, must be exposed to air to reach the “standard” deliciousness.

Red wine flavor is not too bold (Dolcetto, Barbera, Sangiovese, Merlot, …) should use decanter vase of medium size (not too wide nor too narrow).

Gentle red wines (Pinot Noir, Beaujolais, etc.) also have medium size. However, the body should be cooled before extracting the wine.

White wine may not need to be extracted before drinking. However, if you want to use a decanter, choose a small bottle, cooled before extraction.

In order to be a professional alcohol officer in a hotel, there is a lot of knowledge to learn. Hopefully, the above information of Star Solutions will help you gain a certain understanding of decanters and how to serve wine in restaurants and hotels!

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