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What is Deluxe Room? Some interesting things about Deluxe rooms that you don’t know yet

What is Deluxe Room? What are the characteristics of Deluxe rooms. Let find out the popular Deluxe rooms that are being trusted and used by many customers today.

What is Deluxe Room?

Deluxe Room (abbreviated as DLX) can be considered as one of the superior rooms in hotels. It is designed to be located on high floors and has fully equipped facilities. With such a spacious space, it is very suitable for families to go out and relax.

Usually a hotel Deluxe room will include bedrooms, living rooms and balconies with beautiful views. In addition, in many high-end hotels, DLX rooms are decorated with fresh flowers and additional minibar.

phòng deluxe
A Deluxe room facing the sea with open space

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Features of the Deluxe room in the hotel today:

1. Style and design of Deluxe room:

  • Usually the DLX room will be divided into 3 styles: classic DLX room, Vietnamese style DLX room and standard DLX room. Characteristics of the rooms in this hotel are usually a cozy and airy space to welcome the sun and natural wind. In each room you will experience different cultural values. Various cultural structures are scaled into your own room.
  • The majority of DLX rooms will be luxuriously designed but still carry on their sophistication and modernity. The average normal area of ​​the DLX room is from 40 to 50 m2. The light of the space and the cozy layout will make you feel comfortable, relax like at home. With a spacious design you can use the living room as a place to hang out or meet and talk with friends. This can be considered a plus point when the DLX room can be used for many different purposes.
phòng deluxe king
  Deluxe King room at a hotel

2. Equipment and furniture furnished in Deluxe room:

  • Usually this DLX room is chosen quite beautiful view, airy space. Make sure the place will bring customers the most comfortable and enjoyable. In the room will be equipped with modern equipment, such as networked flat screen TV, minibar and air conditioner, and fresh flower vase…
  • Luxurious , comfortable bed gives you good sleep. Besides, the bathroom space outside the shower is also equipped with a high-class bath. Usually the bathroom will be equipped with anti-slippery with stone to ensure safety for customers when using.

phòng deluxe double

Some types of Deluxe rooms that we often meet at the hotel today:

When come to a certain hotel, you will surely feel confused when choosing the Deluxe room that suits you. So you should learn about some types of Deluxe rooms that we often see:

  • Deluxe Double:  (average bed size 1.5 x 2m). Is a double room with 1 large bed that can be for small families or couples to go together.
  • Deluxe Twin: (average bed size 1m x 1m9; 1.1m x 2m; 1.2m x 2m will depend on each hotel). A room with 2 single beds for 2 friends when traveling together or for a large foreigner can be created to be the most comfortable.
  • Deluxe King: (average bed size 1.8m x 2m). This room is usually suitable for families with small children or 2-3 small size people …
  • Deluxe Triple: (also known as DLX Family room). This room will usually be larger than other Deluxe rooms. It usually includes a double bed and a single bed. This DLX room is quite suitable for small families of 2 adults and 2 children. Because of this spaciousness and comfort, they often cost more than other rooms

In addition, some Deluxe rooms also have variations with more advanced standard conditions such as Grand Deluxe, Premier Deluxe … With the enhanced quality, its rental price will be quite high.

phòng deluxe twin
A Deluxe Twin room in the hotel

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Should use the Deluxe room when traveling?

When traveling you definitely want to enjoy what is most comfortable. When you want to choose a room with a beautiful view but at an affordable price, you should choose a DLX room. Surely it will bring you satisfaction when experiencing the services here.

Hopefully with this article you can understand more about the Deluxe room in the hotel. From there you will make decisions exclusively for yourself when going on vacation at the hotel.

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