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What is Demi Chef? Job description of hotel demi chef

In the hotel profession, demi chef is considered one of the positions in the hotel kitchen that many young people are heading to today. So what is demi chef? Is chef Demi is a chef? Job description of demi chef at the hotel restaurant? What is the mission of demi chef?

What is demi chef?

What is demi chef? Demi chef is the English name of the position is the deputy chef of a restaurant or hotel. The Demi chef works under the direction of the chef management or the general chef in charge of a certain area in the kitchen.

The task of chef demi is to coordinate the daily work in the kitchen; Divide the shift and assign tasks to subordinates. At the same time, demi chef also has an important task, which is training new personnel for the hotel restaurant kitchen department.

Demi chef là gì? Công việc của demi chef là gì?
What is demi chef? What is the job of demi chef?

Does Demi chef is a chef?

Demi chef is an assistant position in the kitchen. At the same time, this is also a main chef position in the hotel restaurant. The main job of demi chef also has an important part that is involved in directly processing the dishes to serve customers.

A restaurant can have many main kitchen locations. However, not every chef is consider as a chef demi. Only capable chefs, who are reminded by their superiors, can hold the chef demi position.

Job description of Demi Chef in the hotel restaurant

As a chef in a hotel restaurant, the job of demi chefs outside of cooking also includes many other small tasks: dish inspection; training new employees; support monitoring and operating work in the kitchen area; …

Cooking, checking the quality of food before serving

  • Participate in cooking dishes that in charge
  • Check quality of each dish before serving customers. Ensuring the dishes are processed in the right process, quality of the restaurant.

Make sure the dishes are presented correctly and beautifully. Besides, it is necessary to check to ensure that the quantity of food must meet the set standards. The ingredients used in a dish must be balanced with the food-cost of that dish.

Demi chef là vị trí tổ phó tổ bếp trong nhà hàng, khách sạn
Demi chef is the deputy chef position in hotel, restaurant

Responsible for general cleaning of the kitchen area

  • Assigning and supervising the junior staff to ensure hygiene for the kitchen area
  • Checking food quality, ensuring food safety and hygiene for restaurants. Supervise the inspection and preliminary processing of raw ingredients in the kitchen.
  • Create new ways to present dishes; cultivate cooking skills
  • Collaborate with colleagues in researching restaurant menus

Responsible for property in the area

  • Use and check the status of appliances and equipment in the area that take  ​​responsibility.
  • Ensuring cleaning of equipment, kitchen utensils of the hotel in the area
  • Checking and managing equipment and utensils; reporting to relevant departments when needed.

Supporting the head chef to monitor, coordinate works

  • Monitoring and inspecting of ingredients and foods that need to be used for each shift
  • Assigning work to junior staff
  • Monitoring the performance of subordinate employees. Understand the situation and capacity of junior staff.
  • Checking, summarizing and report on the work to senior staff.

Other work of demi chef at the hotel restaurant

  • Participating in meetings, make periodic summaries
  • Participating in cross-training sessions , professional training for kitchen staff
  • Train new employees, their subordinates
  • Perform other tasks as required by the superior

The promotion path of employees working in the hotel kitchen area will have to go through many positions. Chef demi is just one of them. There are many higher positions: leader, deputy chef, … To be able to go further in the career, you need to have more efforts at work. . . A fix salary of 8-10 million with a series of other surcharges ( service charge , tips, bonuses, …), surely, demi chef will be the target of many other cooks, other normal kitchen staff.

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