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What is Dine and Dash? Learn about dine and dash in the restaurant

In the restaurant business, there are many unexpected situations with different names. In it, dine and dash is the case that the waiters and managers are unhappy if they happen. So what is dine and dash? What do you need to know about dine and dash restaurants? To prevent and limit dine and dash cases, what should restaurants do?

What is Dine and dash?

What is Dine and dash? Dine and dash in the hotel restaurant industry is the term used to refer to customers who have finished eating and go away without paying. Or, in a simple way, dine and dash are words that refer to default behaviors of customers in restaurants.

In the law of many countries, dine and dash are not counted as offenses. Therefore, the restaurant cannot investigate the customer’s responsibility when this situation occurs. Restaurant owners must bear the dine and dash.

Besides dine and dash, in English, people also use quite a lot of ways to tell this situation. It can be mentioned: “dine and ditch”, “eat and run”, “eat it and beat it”

Dine and Dash là gì?
What is Dine and Dash?

Those who are easy to dine and dash

Most guests who happen to dine and dash often do not intend to do it. Instead, there are two cases that make it easier for them to “dine and dash”:

Detecting staff is not focus on them

Many diners do not have the intention to eat without paying. Instead, when eating at a restaurant, they found that there were times when staff do not focus, unable to control all guests at the restaurant. At that time, they will generate an intention to leave without paying.

This case is especially likely to occur during holidays, weekends, promotion time, etc. These are the time when the restaurant is crowded and there are many staff shortages. Therefore, customers who like dishonesty are easy to find openings to “against the law”.

Eat and have no money to pay

Many dine and dash guests are not due to purpose or dishonesty. Instead, it may be due to going to eat after discovering that they lost money; Not enough money to pay for the bills. At that time, customers can quietly leave so that they don’t have to pay their bills.

Usually, dine and dash guests often leave when the employee goes to get a drink or they excuses to go to the toilet to “escape” from the restaurant. Restaurants with large, open campus,  and a large number of people going in and out will make it easier for guests to leave.

The few remaining cases will be intentional to dine and dash before. These guests will understand quite well about the operation and layout of the restaurant. They can also go into groups to make it easier to “act”.

Làm thế nào khi để xảy ra dine and dash
What to do when dine and dash happen?

Who is responsible for guests dine and dash

Dine and dash is a phenomenon that almost every restaurant has encountered. This is a challenge for both management and restaurant staff. When customers “eat” but restaurant employees do not detect it in time, it is the restaurant or the service staff will be subject to that bill.

Many restaurants have the regulation that dine and dash bills will be deducted directly from the waitress’s pay. There are also softer restaurants by only taking the part responsible staff; subtract the salary. However, deduction of salary when dine and dash occur must be notified in advance. Otherwise, it will be considered illegal.

Many countries in the world consider the deduction of staff’s salary is illegal when dine and dash happen. Because there are many invoices that are higher than employee salaries. However, if dine and dash happen due to employee negligence, they will face two options: losing a job or paying money.

Therefore, dine and dash deductions for employee will help them to be more responsible in their work. At the same time, prevent fraud and embezzlement of restaurant staff.

How to detect guests who are trying to “dine and dash”

In order to avoid dine and dash situations, restaurants will assign staff to supervise each dining table area. Big restaurants will have supervisors to support this. At that time, it is easy to detect when customers intend to “dine and dash”.

When detecting dine and dash guests, restaurant staff must have good manners. Making a big deal, getting attention is not a smart solution in this case. Instead, it is possible to retain valuable items of guests, suggesting guests to get money; call relatives and friends to pay; … If the bill value is too large, the employee can also flexibly pay the installment.

How to prevent dine and dash in the restaurant

There are several methods to limit dine and dash in the restaurants:

Equipped with security camera system in areas: cashier, dining table, entrance, … restaurant.

In addition to the staff who supervise each area, there must always be a receptionist, a door staff to oversee the entire customer.

Limit access to guests when visiting the restaurant. Ideally, just design a guest exit for the most control. Each entrance should arrange a full reception.

Although situation of dine and dash visitors also happens quite a lot. However, with the current experience and development of technology, dine and dash are decreasing in proportion. Large restaurants rarely happen to this situation because of the strict supervision from many departments. Restaurant staff need to behave skillfully when supervising customers as well as when they discover dine and dash customers so as not to affect the customers’ feelings about their restaurants.

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