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What is disturb? Housekeeping work when guests hang the Do not disturb sign

Taking care of a housekeeping job in restaurants and hotels is not a simple task. In addition to complying with strict SOP standard operating procedures when working, they must also have clever ways of cleaning rooms. What is Disturb concept  that hotel housekeeping must know. When customers hang the Do not disturb sign, what housekeeping will do?

What is disturb? The meaning of do not disturb sign

What is disturb? This type of sign is often used for guests to hang outside the room door while sleeping or working, not wanting to be disturbed by hotel staff. When the guests don’t want to clean the room while they are there, they can hang on the door. Do not disturb sign to refuse the cleaning.

Do not disturb sign is an indispensable product in every hotel. Typically, this type of sign is usually have 2-sides The rest of the side will be the information – Please, Make up room.

The Do not disturb is usually printed in 1 language. Usually, they will include native and English languages. Can make another language depending on the needs of each hotel.

Disturb là gì?
What is disturb?

How housekeeping handle the when guest hang Do not disturb sign

Privacy, confidentiality are absolute requirements of customers staying at the hotel. Especially high-class hotels. When guests hang Do not disturb, staff room must handle the following:

Not disturb guest when seeing the sign Do not disturb

When moving to a room with a sign hanging without disturbing, housekeeping should not disturb visitors, including knocking on the door or ringing the bell.

In this situation, the housekeeping staff can write their message on paper and place it under the door. Message content is often reminding guests about necessary room service, how to call room service when guests need it, …

A job that is indispensable in this case with housekeeping is to record the room information, time guest hang the sign (if known), the time you come, … to log into your note.

Notice the status of the do not disturb room for the supervisor

When the staff detects that guests have hung the sign continuously for 18 hours, they are responsible for informing their superiors (Floor Suppervisor) about this. When detecting that guests have hung the sign for 24 hours, the supervisor is responsible for reporting to the customer care center or relevant department according to the hotel regulations.

The time to announce the room condition in each hotel is different. Some hotels regulated with 12 hours, 18 hours, 24 hours; There are hotels that set the prescribed time: 14h, 18h, …

Housekeeping làm gì khi khách treo biển Do not disturb?
Housekeeping job when guests hang the Do not disturb sign

Guest hang Do not disturb sign exceed the regulation sign of hotel

As mentioned, The prescribed time of Do not disturb sign due to different in each hotel. Usually 24 hours. When guests hang the sea continuously beyond the prescribed time, supervisors, department heads or security guards are allowed to knock on the door and enter the room without the customer’s permission.

If found out of abnormal situation, the person in charge will make timely measures. If there is no problem, the person in charge will leave the room and write a report about the incident, documenting the time he entered the room.

The guest hanging The Do not disturb but still asks to clean the room?

There are many cases when guest still ask to clean the room when hanging this sign. Staff can do the room as request. However, conditions must be followed:

Do not do the room alone.

In this case, there must be a support person. May require a supervisor or a fellow colleague to follow.

When guests hang Make up room sign

As mentioned, the sea does not disturb often have two sides. The other side is the sea asking for room cleaning. So when customers hang the back of the sea Do not disturb, housekeeping what to do?

What does the “Make up room” sign mean?

 Make up room is the sign asking to clean up the room of the guest. Guests hang this sign outside the room when they need to clean the room right away. Maybe due to dirty room or another reason.

The situation with the Make up room sign  

There is only 1 room hang the make up room

This is a simple case, hotel room staff just knock on the door and enter the room to perform their room cleaning task. After that, write in the cleaning log when finished.

2 or more rooms hanging the cleaning room request at the same time

This is also a common case in the hotel. When more than one guest hanging the door, staff will:

  • Follow the order if the hanging rooms are empty
  • Priority the previous guests
  • If there are people in the room, please consult guests. If one of the guests is not too urgent, please thank the guest and make room for guests to request in advance. In case both are required to clean the room immediately, room staff must report to the center to send more people to support.

Working in the hotel room department does not have to deal with customers too much, however, the department staff still has to know how to handle the most basic situations. The skillful handling of situations when customers hang the Do not disturb sign helping housekeeping complete the job better. At the same time help customers feel satisfied.

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