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What is Dorm Room? How to book quality dorm rooms with cheap price

On tourist forums, there are often advertisements about “cheap dorm” or “dorm in Da Lat”, “Dorm in Ho Chi Minh” … what is Dorm? Should stay at dorm room when traveling?

What is the Dorm? What is Dorm Room?

Dorm stands for Dormitory. Here, the bedroom is equipped with many beds, arranged into 2-3 floors.

Room dorm is a concept, a familiar term to people living in dormitories or backpack travelers. These are rooms for more than 1 person sleeping with many single beds, double beds are layered to save space.

Dorm rooms are usually in hostel, motel and homestay. When renting dorm rooms, customers only pay for their bed. Along with that, comfort services are also less than when renting rooms at hotels.

People traveling in groups or backpack often choose this room to save costs.

Dorm là gì? Phòng dorm là gì?
What is the Dorm? What is dorm room?

Characteristic of dorm room

Room dorm rates are very cheap

Cheap room rates are a characteristic as well as the most outstanding advantage of the dorm room. In Vietnam, the price of one night of a dorm room is only 100,000 – 200,000. However, due to the low price of rooms, comfortable services in dorm rooms are very limited.

The area used for staying guests is not much. A dorm usually has 3-12 beds, depending on the size of each room. The dorm 3 beds have a very small area (6-8m2).

Room dorm collective activities

Dorm room is a dormitory room for many people. This creates advantages and disadvantages.

About advantages: create opportunities to exchange and understand more new friends in many different regions. For group tours, renting the whole room will have fun together in the evening, strengthening group solidarity.

Disadvantages: Lack of privacy, personal safety; conflicts are likely due to disagreements, interests, and culture. In dorm rooms, when there are many different groups, it is very possible to clash, steal …

Giá phòng dorm rẻ, các dịch vụ, tiện nghi trong phòng không nhiều
The price of the dorm is cheap, the services and facilities in the room are not much

Dorm offers “economical” services.

Because of the cheap cost, the service in the dorm is not much. There are rooms with breakfast, some room are not.

For rooms with breakfast, room rates will be higher. Breakfast is also very simple items: bread, orange juice, jam, milk, noodles, etc. There are places where guests have to pick up their own clothes and wash dishes after eating.

Toilet in dorm is designed specifically for each room or share with many rooms. Shared toilet facilities are quite inconvenient and take time, especially in the morning.

Facilities: individual cabinets, sofa are only available in some places. Personal cabinets, lockers in dorm pretty messy. Cabinet lock may be available, but safety is not high.

Phòng dorm thường có trong các hostel, motel và những homestay giá rẻ
Dorm rooms are usually available in cheap hostels, motels and homestays

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The form of dorm rooms

In Western countries, Dorm is usually a mixed dormitory of both men and women. Because they have an open lifestyle. However, when introduced into other countries, especially in Asia, dorm often divided into separate male and female rooms. In general, there are currently 3 types of dorm rooms:

  • Mixed dorm room: Mixed dormitory for both men and women
  • Male dorm room: dormitory room for men
  • Female dorm: female dormitory room

However, not every place has dorm rooms, there are 3 types of rooms listed above. There are many places where only mixdorm and femaledorm exist. If you want to rent a dorm, find out before you set it up.

Dorm types can affect room rates. Typically, in Vietnam, mixdorm rooms are cheaper than male and female dorm from 20 to 30 thousand. There are also a few cases where 3 types of rooms are equal to the price.

Phòng mix dorm là dạng phòng ở chung cả nam và nữ
Room mixdorm is a common room type for both men and women

Tips for hiring a dorm when traveling

To find cheap and quality dorms, you can search for “cheap dorm in …” or “cheap hostel in …”, “dorm cheap at …”, …

In addition to finding and booking on Agoda, booking, visitors can book dorm on the hostelword or airbnb. Placed on the following two pages, you will have to pay less, so the room price will be cheaper.

However, to rent a cheap dorm, should not be placed indirectly through any intermediary page. Go to forums, booking page to see pictures and reviews about that dorm. Then contact the dorm owner directly to negotiate room rates. By doing so, you will choose the dorm with the best price.

Go play in groups, and set up the dorm room. At that time, there will be no strangers in the room, safety and private practice of the group will be more secure. Of course, even if you rent a dorm for the whole group, the price is much cheaper than when renting a hotel.

Today, as dormitories become more and more, competition also intensifies, dorm owners have begun to “refurbish” their rooms. Services and amenities in the room are also more complete: individual lockers, separate toilets, wallpaper, curtains, etc. Therefore, believers of backpack tourism, cheap travel can find the cheap and comfortable dorm room

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