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What is Duty Manager? The job description of the hotel duty manager

In the promotion process of a hotel staff, especially the lobby staff cannot lack the duty manager position. So what is duty manager? What is the role of duty manager? The job description of the hotel duty manager? How much does the hotel manager is paid?

What is Duty Manager?

What is Duty Manager? Duty manager only refers to a position in the hotel. This is the shift management position, managing the hotel lobby department. Duty manager works under the management of FOM – lobby manager. Thus, it can be said that the duty manager is the second person in the hotel FO department.

Not all hotels have a duty manager. Instead, duty manager is usually only available at 3-star hotels and above. In big hotels, there will usually be 2 duty manager positions: duty manager and Night duty manager. Night duty manager is responsible for supervising the lobby department at night shift.

Duty Manager là gì? Công việc của Duty manager là gì?
What is Duty Manager? What is the duty of Duty manager?

The job description of Duty manager hotel

As an important, key position of the hotel lobby team, a duty manager includes many areas: managing the operation of the FO department; resolving customer complaints; instructing, training lobby staff; support FOM to establish SOP procedures  with lobby groups; …

The duty of duty manager: coordinating hotel lobby management

Monitoring activities of subordinates. Ensuring the work of the hotel lobby is in accordance with the rules and procedures set.

Check the VIP list and the guests coming in the shift. Direct coordination to prepare VIP guests: prepare carpets, banners, flags, flowers, … when necessary. At the same time, monitor and thoroughly examine this preparation process.

When VIPs, visitors come, duty manager is responsible for receiving directly. Ensure the reception ceremonies are in accordance with the hotel’s standards.

In the shift, duty manager must quickly check letters, postal items, messages … delivered to guests.

Quản lý, hướng dẫn nhân vien cấp dưới là công việc của duty manager
Managing and guiding lower-level staff is the duty of the duty manager

Tasks of the duty manager: Solving requests, customer complaints 

The duty manager is the person directly receiving requests and complaints from customers. At the same time, duty manager is also responsible for coordinating with relevant departments to resolve those issues quickly.

For requests and complaints that are beyond our ability to resolve, duty manager must report to the immediate superior – FOM to have timely plans.

Note important information about customers; save customer requests in records, books, boards of the hotel lobby department as well as notify relevant departments to be able to serve customers in the best way.

Regularly learn how customers feel and evaluate the quality of the hotel service as well as the service attitude of the staff. Look for ways to deal with things that guest are unsatisfying.

The work of the duty manager: checking the operation at the other areas in the hotel

Periodically check the activities of the hotel areas. Ensuring devices are properly used; In addition, duty manager must promptly find and handle errors to avoid unfortunate incidents: fire, power failure,…

Check the opening and closing times of the hotel areas. Make sure all areas are open and closed in accordance with the hotel’s regulations.

Role of duty manager: Guide, train staff for FO department

When the lobby department has new personnel needs, duty manager will have to support FOM to develop a new recruitment plan.

Besides, when there are new personnel, duty manager is also responsible for planning, directing and guiding new employees. The training of professional skills for employees in the department is also part of duty of the duty manager.

Duty manager phải tiếp đón khách VIP, khách đoàn đến khách sạn
Duty manager must welcome VIP guests, guests come to the hotel

What is the other job of duty manager?

  • Participating in cross-training courses, professional training organized by the hotel
  • Participating in meetings, review sessions, periodic reports when necessary.
  • Before and after each shift, the duty manager will have to receive or hand over his work to his colleague
  • Performing other jobs as required by the level; support other parts: housekeeping , F&B when necessary.

How much is duty manager salary ?

As a mid-level manager in the hotel, duty manager salary is quite high. Normally, about 10-20 million VND / month. Depending on the size and class of the hotel and the ability and experience of the duty manager, this salary will have certain adjustments. Besides fix salary, duty manager also has many other incomes: bonus, service charge , …

While having a fairly high salary, however, to become a hotel manager, you need to meet many requirements: have a professional degree; good management skills; job placement skills; foreign language ability; … At the same time, must be able to handle effective situations and other skills: conduct, persuade, capture customer psychology, … Therefore, before becoming a duty manager, candidates need to try at positions: receptionist , counselor, customer service, etc. When having all the skills and loyalty to the hotel profession, the duty manager position at big hotels will always open the door for you!

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