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What is Duvet Cover? Procedure to perform duvet cover for housekeeping

Duvet cover is one of the important terms that housekeeping staff must remember. This is not only the name of a device used in the room but also the name of a working process of housekeeping. So what is duvet cover?Distinguish duvet cover and comforter? What are the steps for implementing 5-star standard of duvet cover?

What is duvet? What is duvet cover?

What is duvet? What is duvet cover? Duvet is the term for the type of blanket – soft blanket stuffed with feathers. Duvet has blankets cushion / blankets separate from the outer cover, can be removed easily for washing and bleaching. Because of this convenience, most hotels choose duvet covers.

Duvet là gì? Duvet cover là gì?
What is duvet? What is duvet cover?

What is duvet cover?

What is duvet cover? Duvet cover is the term used to refer to the outer cover of the blanket (duvet: duvet feather; cover: outer cover). Duvet cover works to protect the inner cushion from being dirty when using. By the core of duck feather blankets – ie, duvet cannot be washed with water. The blanket cover will help the core of the blanket have a longer life span.

In the hotel industry, duvet cover is also used to indicate a process in the work of housekeeping . That is the process of changing the blanket cover, blanket cover, pillow cover of housekeeping. Changing duvet cover helps ensure hygiene, cleanliness for furniture . At the same time demonstrates the professionalism, level of room service in the hotel.

The difference between duvet cover and comforter

If duvet cover is a blanket with a separate cushion and cover, the comforter is an instant blanket, cannot separate the cover for washing. This type of blanket can be designed quite diverse so it is still popular.

In the hotel, there is still this type of blanket but due to the washing process, cleaning is difficult so it is getting less.

Implementation process of Duvet cover of 5 star standard – steps to arrange hotel beds

The process of making duvet cover is part of the bed making process. By setting up a bed in a hotel, blankets, pillows, bed runner , decorative pillows are often equipped with synchronization. Replacing the duvet cover will be carried out at the same time as changing the bed, pillow case, bed decoration for the hotel.

Quy trình tiến hành duvet cover cho nhân viên housekeeping khách sạn
Process of conducting duvet cover for hotel housekeeping staff

The process of performing duvet cover standard for 5 star hotel includes the following steps:

Step 1: Collect and classify dirty fabrics

  • Clean up dirty items that guest leave on the bed (if any).
  • Remove all pillow covers, bed sheets, duvet covers needed.
  • Collect items that have just been removed, sorted and rolled up, neatly placed on a hotel room cleaning  cart.

Step 2: Check the sanitary condition around the bed

  • Check the sanitary area under the bed, under the mattress, the hotel cushion . If it is found to be dirty or dirty, clean it with specialized tools.
  • After towing for hygiene inspection, must arrange the bed, cushion and must be adjusted to the correct position. Make sure the items on the bed are neat. If bed cushions are stained, they must be replaced with new ones.

Step 3: Change new fabric into the bed

  • Select the right type of bedding, padding to replace the position of the bedspead, dirty padding. Proceed to replace.
  • Check cushion blankets and the pillows. Make sure they are clean, free from stains.
  • Putting duvet cover, pillow into the cover. Ensuring corners, pillow edges and blankets are square and beautiful.

Step 4: The remaining work

  • Setup the bedding items in accordance with the hotel standards.
  • If must decorate the honeymoon bed , find the necessary items to decorate it beautifully.
  • Check the entire bed, make sure you don’t miss any details.
  • Collect dirty items and conduct other cleaning tasks.

The implementation of the duvet cover process at each hotel may vary. This depends on the standard SOP processes that the hotel has set before. In order for the bed making to take place smoothly, carefully examine it and proceed in small steps. Thus, housekeeping can fulfill their tasks well, from there, get high appreciation from the higher level, have positive progress in the profession.

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