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What is event planning? Basic Event Process

Event is one of the hot jobs that many young people like today. What about Star Solutions? What is the role of event planning? What steps does the event take? 

What is event planning?

What is event planning? Event is the organization of an activity in the fields of business, commerce, sports, art, etc., to convey a message, to attract the attention of the object of the event. In the field of marketing, the event is considered an activity to promote a product, positioning, affirming the position of the brand in the market.

There are many forms of today. In addition to the traditional methods: seminars, press conferences, event organization exhibitions, .. there are many other forms of events: festivals, product displays, launches, …

Tổ chức sự kiện là gì?
What is event planning?

What is the purpose, role of event planning?

Organizing an event is usually aimed at promoting, communicating on a certain topic. The three most important goals that event organizers are looking for are:

  • Promote communication effects. From there, it evokes the strongest emotions of our customers. Make the target audience look forward to curious, discuss the topic that the event organizes.
  • Change, improve public perception of the target according to the theme that the event directs to.
  • Support for marketing plans then develop. Contribute to build image, brand for the business.

In addition, the event also contributed to support sales, product advertising, market expansion, …

What is the event process?

Event planning must do all the work in the event organizing process. That is, from the planning, organizing and summing up after the event. Event descriptions include:

The work before the event

Learn about the theme of the event to be held; product, brand of investment company.

Plan events surrounding: general budget, event goals, personnel, organization size, etc.

Plan the event, decide the main theme, the general direction of the event.

Schedule, prepare venue, budget details, equipment necessary for the event.

Carry out promotional activities, propaganda and promotion for the event.

Các bước tổ chức event cơ bản
Basic steps of organizing event

The stage of organizing the event

Installation, decoration, event venue preparation: sound, light, background, guests, flowers, gifts, drinks, snacks, …

Organize the welcome guests, open the event

Coordinate the events take place during the event

Organize activities, meals, games during the event (cocktail party, teabreak between hours, songs of guest singers …)

Carry out ancillary activities that take place during the event: sales, lucky draws, flowers, gifts, …

Post-event work after the event took place

Summarize, write media post after the event organized

Customer Care (for sales events, product promotions)

Review and summarize the success of the event; Completion of KPIs is planned.

Financial summary after the event


These are only the most basic outlines of the process of organizing an event. In fact, when organizing events, the team must have contingency plans, anticipating unexpected situations that may occur both before, during and after the event.

To become an event organizer; Stick with the event organization in the long run; In addition to the knowledge, professional skills, you must also have the following qualities: health, patience, ability to bear pressure, ability to cope situations, …

Event planning, PR is now the dream and the destination of  many young people. Because this is a dynamic job, contact with many people and have a good income. Young people who love creativity, integration and love to move are the necessary conditions to start with this career. Wish you success with your choice!


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