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What is Factsheet? What is Hotel factsheet? Design hotel factsheet

Factsheet is one of the indispensable talents of hotel sales staff. This is also an important part of designing hotel offactsheet. So what is the factsheet? What is the role of Hotel factsheet?  What are the note that we need to pay attention when design the factsheet?

What is Factsheet?

What is Factsheet? Factsheet is a the information details of the products, services, and advantages of a business. (Fact means practical; sheet means sheet, slab). In simple terms, the factsheet is detail information of the company’s products.

Factsheet is often located in the sales kit. Not every sales kit of a business has a factsheet. However, the presence of factsheet will help the information about the company’s products be clearer and more reliable.

Factsheet là gì? Hotel factsheet là gì?
What is Factsheet? What is Hotel factsheet?

What is Hotel factsheet?

The hotel business is also a industry, so the hotel is also a business. Factsheet is an important part of the hotel offactsheetet.

Hotel factsheet is a information list that summarizes and provides a full range of services and products that the hotel offers. On the hotel factsheet, the hotel services: room details, services, facilities in the room, … are listed and have a full illustrated image.

Depending on the hotel, there will be a way to present different hotel factsheet. However, the amount of information on the factsheet will be very brief. Normally, this information will be presented as bullet points or only key-words. Photos on factsheet are real photos of the hotel but there is a refinement and careful selection.

Hotel factsheet is short in size. 1-2 sides of A4 paper (including letters and photos) are the ideal length for a hotel factsheet. Instead, they will be placed in a leather cover with detailed information about the hotel .

The role of factsheet in the hotel

As mentioned, the factsheet is a part of the sales kit. When having a factsheet, customers will quickly find information about the service they need. Due to being presented in a textual format, customers will feel a higher level of confidence, which is a testament to the oral advice provided by hotel sales staff .

Factsheet not only provides information in writing but also has illustrations. This helps confirm the professionalism of the hotel. At the same time, making the information more reliable.

Set the factsheet in conspicuous places: reception, guest rooms, spa area, … also help customers quickly learn about the hotel information. This represents the professionalism of the hotel.

Độ dài lý tưởng cho một mẫu factsheet khách sạn là 1-2 mặt giấy A4
The ideal length for a hotel factsheet sample is 1-2 pages of A4 paper

Note when choosing hotel factsheet design

As one of the details that shows the face of the hotel, the hotel factsheet must be beautiful, professional and impress customers. When designing, selecting hotel factsheet design, you should note:

Material in printing hotel factsheet

As a flyer for customers, showing the level and professionalism of the restaurant, the factsheet should be printed on a high-grade (C250) high-quality, smooth and catchy paper material. Should choose the printing address, prestigious design hotel factsheet, use high technology, avoid blurring, broken letters.

Photos on the hotel factsheet

The image selected for printing on factsheet needs to be carefully selected. That must be the actual image of the hotel products and services. However, there must be careful refinement of light colors to create high aesthetics, impress customers. In short, the picture on factsheet must ensure two elements: beautiful and true.

The image size must be balanced with the written part. A large size image should be placed at the top and some smaller sized images should be placed at the bottom. Do not put too many image sizes on a factsheet. This may be disruptive to the eye of the viewer.

Information on the hotel factsheet

The information on a hotel factsheet needs to be presented neatly. It is recommended to select the bullet points to list products, services, hotel amenities, etc. Other information should be presented as key-words or slogans to impress customers.

Hotel logo, hotel name, address, etc. are indispensable information on a hotel’s factsheet. Other information: room information, information on services, facilities in hotel rooms , … depending on the requirements of each hotel that has different options.

The Design of hotel factsheet

There are many different styles of hotel hotel factsheet designs. However, overall, the factsheet must show the style of the hotel. Luxurious, modern, classic hotel, … there are different ways to present the factsheet. The boutique hotel or certain the hotel will offer a taste of its countries to have their own interpretation. We must based on the size, class, style of the hotel to choose the design and general colors of the factsheet accordingly.

Whether it is a 3-star hotel or a 4-5 star luxury hotel, the factsheet design needs to be professional. If there is still lack of a design team in the hotel, you can look to prestigious design and printing addresses. At Star Solutions – the leading provider of prestigious hotel products in Vietnam – with a professional design team and modern printing line, we will surely give your hotel the factsheet designs with the offset set. Bringing the most pleasant and professional hotel!

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