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What is F&B attendant? The work of F&B attendant at hotel restaurant

What is F&B attendant? What position does F&B attendant include? What is F&B attendant work in the hotel? How much Salary that F&B attendant hotel have?

What is F&B attendant?

What is F&B attendant? F&B attendant is the common name of the waiters, working at the hotel outlet (attendant: server). In particular, can be mentioned: restaurant, bar, cafe, club, … F&B attendant can be restaurant staff, bar waiters, cafe waiters, waiters banquet, room service waiter, …

The F&B attendant in the hotel is a member of the F&B hotel department. They work under the direction, guidance and management of supervisors directly under those outlets.

F&B attendant là gì? Công việc của F&B attendant là gì?
What is F&B attendant? What is the work of F&B attendant?

The work of F&B attendant in the hotel

 As mentioned, F&B attendant in the hotel works at many different outlets. Each position has a job description of F&B attendant separately.

Work of restaurant waiters

A hotel may have many different restaurants. Service staff in each restaurant are considered as F&B attendant. Depending on the form and style of the restaurant, the work of the F&B restaurant attendant has changed. However, in general, restaurant staff must do the following:

  • Cleaning tools, setting up a dining table, preparing to welcome guests into the restaurant.
  • Welcome guests to the restaurant with friendly, enthusiastic, professional attitude.
  • Advise customers about the service, the menu of the restaurant.
  • Receive orders from customers, bring orders to the kitchen, cashier.
  • Bring food and drinks for customers. Pouring wine, drinks, for guests.
  • Keep track of guests’ meals, ready to meet the needs of guests when needed: get new chopsticks, change bowls, new plates, …
  • Solve situations that occur during a shift. For situations that are out of control, immediately notify the superior.
  • Support payment of bills for customers.
  • Welcome guests and give guests the good send-off when they leave.
  • Clean up the table, set up the table to prepare to welcome new guests.

What is the job of F&B attendant at the buffet restaurant?

  • Cleaning tools, setting up tables, bringing food and drinks to the order area
  • Welcome customers to the restaurant
  • Guiding customers in food display areas in the restaurant.
  • Observing the general situation of the restaurant. Replace dirty tools, add dishes when needed.
  • Ensure customer service requirements as soon as customers need.
  • Resolve situations arising in the shift
  • Welcome guests and send-off guests when they leave.
  • Clean up the restaurant area. Put dirty tools on the corresponding parts.
FB attendant làm việc tại nhiều outlet khác nhau trong khách sạn
FB attendant works at various outlets in the hotel

What is the work F&B attendant  : Room service staff

F&B staff for room service attendant can be a full-time employee or part-time staff at the restaurant. This staff attendant depends on the size and class of the hotel. If you are an F&B attendant for room service, your main job will be:

  • Receive, check orders from customers.
  • Prepare food and drink according to the invoice.
  • Setup prepared food and drink on the cart and get the bill
  • Bring food to the room for customers. Ensuring the right type, right amount, right time, right customer.
  • Put food from the cart to the right position that the customer requires. Ask the customer’s signature on the confirmation invoice.
  • Advice on food, how to use it if requested.
  • Deliver invoices with the signature of the client for the order taker .
  • Clean up dirty items, leftovers after the guests have finished using. Bring dirty clothes to the respective department.

Jobs F & B attendant at the bar – cafe – club

Not all hotels have full outlets: bar, café, club. However, the duties of F&B attendant here are relatively similar. The duties of F&B attendant in these areas include:

  • Cleaning the shop area, bar, setting table for guests
  • Receive orders from customers, deliver orders to  bartender , bartisa
  • Delivering order to the cashier to make an invoice for the customer.
  • Bringing the drinks and food orders to customers.
  • Observing guests, ready to serve customers’ requests.
  • Supporting customers to pay bills.
  • Welcoming guests and send-off guests when they leave.
Ngoài lương cứng, F&B attendant có thể nhận được service charge và tip từ khách hàng
In addition to fix salary, F&B attendant can receive service charges and tips from customers

Banquet waiter work

If the hotel have small size, F&B attendant staff will serve banquet by the staff of the restaurant. If the restaurant banquet department is set up individually, there will be its own F&B attendant banquet team.

The work of F&B attendant banquet in the hotel includes:

  • Prepare tools for party use; Set up the standard party organizing space of the hotel. Depending on the type of party: wedding party, conference, tea break party, cocktail party, outside party , … there are different ways to set up.
  • Serving party guests in accordance with standards corresponding to each form of party organization.
  • Clean up the party space after the party is over

How much is the salary of the hotel attendant?

The Salary of F&B attendant hotels usually ranges from 4-6 million / month. This is just a fix salary, basic salary. In addition to fix salary, F&B attendant hotel also receives many other surcharges: tips , service charge, bonuses, …

Depending on the size of the hotel, the ability and working experience of F&B attendant, the salary and income will change. In 4-5 star hotels, the income of an official F&B attendant can be up to 10-12 million / month. When advancing to higher positions ( supervisors , managers, …) salary and income can be higher.

In order to be able to accomplish their job well and get promotions at work, the F&B attendant in the hotel need to have professional skills, professional service skills. Besides, foreign language ability, especially listening and speaking English, must be standard. In addition, cultivating care skills, capturing customer psychology will help F&B attendant be appreciated when working!

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