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What is F&B Coordinator? Job of F&B coordinator at hotel

The F&B department has many positions with different jobs. In the following article, Star Solutions will share with you what is F&B coordinator. What role does F&B coordinator have in the hotel? What does F&B coordinator hotel work include? Essential skills of an F&B coordinator?

What is F&B coordinator?

What is F&B coordinator? F&B coordinator is the term used to refer to the position of the secretary for the hotel director of F&B department. Coordinator means coordinate work, and work as a coordinator. Therefore, the work of an F&B coordinator is to support FBM in the daily work, contact and coordinate with the relevant departments to operate the restaurant and hotel in the smoothest way.

Besides F&B coordinator, there are many other coordinator locations in the hotel restaurant: sales coordinator, event coordinator. Unlike F&B coordinator, sales coordinator is the position of business coordinator, directly under sales & marketing department. Sales coordinator is in charge of finding customers, conducting communication and advertising activities. The event coordinator is also the position of the coordinator holding the event; is responsible for coordinating and managing all the work taking place in an event.

F&B Coordinator là gì?
What is F&B Coordinator?

The work of F&B coordinator in the hotel

As the secretary of FBM, who coordinates the work of FB department? what is the job of F&B coordinator? How is the role of FB coordinator with the hotel?

F&B coordinator is FBM secretary

  • Assisting the director of the hotel cusine department in managing department staff; monitor the activities of the F&B department .
  • A bridge to convey information, instructions from FBM to employees, subordinates.
  • Under the direction of FBM, F&B coordinator addresses customer feedback and assessments about the F&B services provided by the hotel.
  • Keep, secure and manage information and documents (soft and hard copies) entrusted by FBM.

F&B coordinator mission: F&B coordinator

  • Track and process all information, calls, incoming and outgoing emails of F&B department
  • Keep track of F&B operations, update information to the top level of relevant departments when needed.
  • Coordinate with the finance and accounting department in the hotel to make budget reports and revenue and expenditure estimates in the department every month / quarter / year.
Công việc của F&B coordinator là gì?
What is the job of F&B coordinator?

F&B Coordinator work: Participating in F&B operations

  • Follow up, plan new recruits, train new staff for the department
  • Make the ideas for new hotel menu: new dishes, seasonal dishes, special menus, discount menu set , … for outlets in the hotel.
  • Making the ideas for promotion and promotion activities; program for hotel guests, VIP guests of the hotel.
  • Monitor and supervise the process of providing services and products of F&B department. Ensure to best meet the needs of customers.

Other F&B coordinator jobs

  • Participate in internal meetings of F&B department; meetings with other parts of the hotel when needed.
  • Participate in cross-training training sessions organized by the hotel upon request.
  • Perform other jobs as required by FBM.
FB Coordinator thường xuyên phải tiếp xúc với bộ phận bếp và các outlet trong khách sạn
FB Coordinator must contact the kitchen department and the outlet in the hotel regularly

The skills needed to apply F&B coordinator hotels

As FBM secretary, F&B coordinator has the first requirement of mastering office computing skills: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, …; Good record management skills.

F&B coordinator must communicate a lot with customers, types of documents. Therefore, foreign language ability with all four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing must be proficient. Being able to be in a foreign language is an advantage for an F&B coordinator.

Working in the F&B department, F&B coordinator must have certain knowledge about the food industry; kitchen activities. The ability to taste and evaluate dishes in restaurants.

As a bridge between FBM as well as between F&B departments and other departments, F&B coordinator must be able to communicate, express and manage well. Can handle situations quickly and accurately.

In addition, an important element of F&B coordinator is training from reputable hotels, food and beverage management units; have full diplomas and certificates.


With a salary of 7-10 million and other income: service charge, reward, … F&B coordinator is the position that many young people target when working in the hotel industry. In addition, this is also a position with high promotion ability. By chance to be in daily contact with FBM – a senior manager in a hotel. Since then, building many relationships, learn about valuable management and operating experiences. This is something that is hard to achieve when working in many other positions in the F&B department.

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