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What is Feedback? The importance of feedback for hotels

In the current era of information technology development, when using any product or service, customers often leave their feedback through many channels: telephone, website, forum, etc. What is the definition of feedback? How does Feedback have a role in the tourism industry?

What is Feedback?

Feedback is the reviews of customer about a product, service, infrastructure, working attitude of a certain store or business. Feedback is not only positive feedback but also negative comments, dissatisfied. This also includes customers’ emotions and attitudes when using products and services.

Feedback is an important factor, interested by many businesses and shops. Because in addition to showing customer satisfaction, quality of products and services, feedback can also show shortcomings in products, services, even, monitoring the attitude of employees.

For customers, checking the feedback of a certain product, service or business helps them to make comparisons and make better choices.

Feedback là gì?
What is Feedback?

Forms of customer feedback

With the original form, it is only expressed by “likes” or star points, now, feedback is expressed in many diverse forms:

  • Click like, dislike
  • Evaluate with stars, score
  • Leave a comment, comment in words
  • Capture and return images of products and services and post text comments

Which channels are feedback reflected?

With the development of information technology, customers have endless ways to leave their feedback. In addition to evaluating immediately on websites – where customers shop, order, people can also evaluate a product or service through many different channels. In it, can be mentioned: social networking sites; electronic information sites; related forums; … and even their personal pages.

In addition to the above public feedback, customers can also have a subtle way of assessing by calling, sending letters to shops and businesses to make their assessment.

Feedback có vai trò vô cùng quan trọng
Feedback has a very important role to help us understand our customers’ satisfaction   

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The importance of feedback to hotels

For the restaurant and hotel industry, it is very important to pay attention to customer feedback. This is a factor that can directly affect the business situation of the hotel.

Feedback is a measure of customer satisfaction

The development of current technology makes many people have a habit of leaving reviews after using each product or service. Therefore, feedback is a measure of customer satisfaction about hotel services.

In addition to customers actively evaluating, many hotels also actively ask for their customers’ evaluation in many ways: ask directly, fill in evaluation forms, questionnaires.

From these reviews, the hotel can change things that make customers unhappy. From there, optimize your products and services.

Tìm kiếm feedback của khách hàng là mong muốn của nhiều doanh nghiệp
Finding customer feedback is the desire of many businesses

Evaluate and improve the quality of hotel services through feedback

Hotel feedback is important comments. From these responses, it is easy to find out which services and products of hotels are popular; any employee who has a poor working attitude; Any area in the hotel needs modifications.

However, customer feedback are not entirely objective assessments. Therefore, when using, consider carefully to make reasonable modifications.

Through feedback to take care of old customers, find new customers

Responding to customer feedback makes customers feel they are respected and cared for. Therefore, many hotels not only build a place for customers to respond, but also have a department to respond to customer feedback. At that time, customers will be cared for both before, during and after leaving the hotel. This respect and concern helps the hotel to keep patrons and find new guests.

Moreover, the patrons of the hotel itself are an effective communication tool. Their introduction of hotels to their relatives, friends, and colleagues will create a large number of new customers.

Feedback is an important factor in communication and marketing online. If you make good use of it, this will be a strong development opportunity. Conversely, without meticulous planning will face many risks, especially unfair competition from competitors. In particular, the service industry must have reasonable strategies on this issue.

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