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What is Foie Gras? Interesting information around fatty Foie Gras

Foie gras is one of the most famous dishes in the world, and it is also a controversial dish in the world community. What is foie gras? Which country is the origin of foie gras? How to preserve and enjoy foie gras?Join Star Solutions to find interesting information around foie gras!

What is foie gras?

What is fo gras? In French, foie gras is the word for foie gras to be puffed up by grain before slaughtering. Foie gras are also called short fattening foie gras. Because after feeding, the liver works continuously, producing soft, non-fat in the liver.

Foie gras is a very famous dish, considered the quintessence of French cuisine. Today, foie gras have become a well-known dish all over the world. With expensive prices, foie gras often appear only in high-end restaurants and hotels, used to serve the rich.

Foie gras is most popular when eaten with bread, made into pate or sauteed foie gras, and eaten with a famous fruit sauce.

Foie gras là gì?What is foie gras?

The origin of fatty foie gras

Fatty goose liver is one of the few aristocrat dishes with long-standing orig ins. The first dish of foie gras appeared in Egypt around 2000 BC. However, at that time, foie gras were not so famous. Only after this dish was introduced to Europe, was the warm welcome of French aristocrats, the dishes made from foie gras became one of the most luxurious and exquisite dishes in the world.

Since it appears in France, so far, this country has been the top among the most productive and consuming Foe Gras in the world. In its laws there is also a rule that states: “foie gras belongs to the cultural heritage and cuisine of France.”

The process of “producing” fatty foie gras

Foie gras are not the same as regular foie gras. In order to produce foie gras, farmers must give geese a special fattening process.

Goose to obtain fatty liver must be male goose. When raised to a certain maturity, they will be forced to feed with metal tubes that pump straight into the throat. The feeding will take place 2-4 times per day and continuously for 12-18 days.

After “fattening”, the liver will overburden, producing fat. When harvested, foie gras will be 10 times larger than regular foie gras.

Because of this process, many countries around the world prohibit the import of foie gras (India, California – USA) or ban the production of foie gras (Germany, Norway, England).

Why is foie gras so expensive?

The price of one kg of fatty foie gras usually ranges from 2-3 million. When processed into finished products in high-class restaurants and hotels, the price will be even higher. So why are fatty foie gras so expensive? What is the difference between fatty foie gras and common foie gras?

Culinary value of foie gras

Culinary specialist says that foie gras are smooth and have no pungent odor like duck liver. The fat in foie gras is quite light, not very thick. Therefore, when swallowing foie gras, it will feel smooth and comfortable. At the same time, foie gras contains a lot of energy, providing many calories for the body when eating.

Common duck liver and foie gras are not as smooth as foie gras. They have a light taste while the fat is quite strong. In other words, duck liver and foie gras often do not have a delicious taste like fatty foie gras.

Foie gras are rare, have complex production process

In order to be able to create foie gras, farmers have to go through the process of sophisticated breeding. Due to manual feeding, the number of finished products is limited. Moreover, prohibiting the production of foie gras in many countries also makes it an expensive food.

Gan ngỗng béo nặng từ 0.7-1.1kg, lớn gấp 10 lần gan ngỗng thường
Fatty goose liver weighs from 0.7-1.1kg, 10 times larger than regular foie gras

Familiar ways of processing fatty foie gras

Fatty goose liver when left in its original form, called Foie Gras Entier. Monolithic Foie Gras is called Bloc de Foie Gras. When processing, people slice foie gras into smaller pieces / slices.

When processing fatty foie gras, the most common ways are sauté. Besides, there are other ways: fatty foie gras (mousse de Foie Gras); Fatty goose liver pate (pate de Foie Gras), …

Pate made from fatty foie gras has a foie gras rate of 25-75%. The higher the ratio of foie gras, the more expensive pate.

In Vietnam, foie gras are often sold in canned or frozen bags. The foie gras in Vietnam often have a slightly changed taste to suit the taste of the domestic people. If you want to enjoy authentic French foie gras, you can buy products imported directly from foreign countries or go to European restaurants.

Some notes when eating and preserving foie gras

Fatty goose liver is usually stored in a refrigerator. When eating, taking out of the refrigerator 10 minutes before. Just get enough to eat and use right away.

Knives to cut foie gras should be coated with hot water so that the piece of liver is smooth and beautiful.

When eating fatty foie gras with bread, do not need to strongly apply pate to the bread. Pate de foie gras should only be cut into slices and to put on the bread. You can add salt or pepper as you like.

When sauteing fatty foie gras, keep the fire level moderate. Eat immediately after processing 3-5 minutes. Foie gras with a delicious pan must have a crisp, soft crisp inside, dark yellow and aromatic taste, dissolve in the mouth and float the fatty flavor of the mouth for a long time.

Fatty goose liver can be served with sweet fruits: fruit jam, dried fruit, fresh fruit, fruit sauce, … foie gras are also suitable for sweet, wine, champange. Do not use fatty foie gras with all kinds of strong wine, cocktails and other sour and bitter foods. Do not eat fatty foils together with peanuts (groundnut) and olive.


As a famous dish in the world, a “sumptuous and cruel” cuisine in many people’s eyes, foie gras always has a place and irreplaceable status in the world cuisine. This is an indispensable dish in high-class restaurants and hotels. The presence of foie gras in the menu helps restaurants and hotels show their class and status.

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