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What is food truck? Interesting information about food truck

In Western countries: America, England, food truck is one of the extremely famous and strongly welcome services. So what is food truck? Where does food truck originate? Development potential of food truck business model in Vietnam.

What is food truck?

Food truck is the term used to refer to the F&B business model in trucks. These semi-food trucks stop and do business in the streets, where there are crowded passersby.

Food truck là gì?
What is food truck?

Where does food truck come from?

Food truck originated from America. This is also the place where the food truck industry is the most developed today. In the United States, there are more than 4,000 trucks in operation and this number is increasing. In 2012, the US government in some states stopped granting licenses for new food trucks. Because having to wait for 10 years, those who intend to food truck business are accepted.

Is the food in the food truck clean?

Food on truck food in the US, UK and many other countries is strictly controlled on food hygiene and safety. In addition to having a clear business license, food truck businesses must regularly receive unexpected surveys of relevant agencies.

Besides, the food truck that wants to go into operation must comply with strict regulations: the selling position is about 60-100m away from public to facilitate the sales staff to wash their hands, ensure hygiene working…

The American Institute of Justice conducted a survey with more than 260000 appraisal reports on food safety and hygiene of food trucks. After this survey, they made the observation that food sold in food trucks is as safe and clean as in large restaurants.

Ở Mỹ, để có giấy phép kinh doanh food truck, có thể phải nộp 20.000 USD
In the United States, to obtain a license for a food truck business, it is possible to pay 20,000 USD

The development of food truck

Food truck is very developed in Western countries.

Food truck in the US

In the United States , food trucks are no longer a normal culinary business model. Instead, food truck has become a unique cultural feature. Across the 50 states of the United States, trucks sell  food everywhere. Food trucks are not just ordinary food trucks, but each car is eye-catching and unique. In 2017, revenue from food truck in the US reached nearly 3 billion USD, the number is much larger than many other industries.

Food truck in Canada

In Canada , food trucks are available throughout the country. In 2013, Vancouver Vij’s Railway Express food truck – a food truck specialized in serving fresh Indian cuisine – won the People’s Choice award for Canada’s best new restaurant. This food truck restaurant defeated 34 other traditional restaurants in the final of this competition.

The development of food truck in the UK

In the UK , food trucks are also extremely developed. Every trucker wants to be active must go through the consent of the board. In addition, a series of other strict regulations before and during operation. However, food truck dealers still queue up for business registration.

Food truck rất được chào đón tại các nước phương Tây
Food truck is very welcome in Western countries

The potential of food truck in Asia

In Asia , food truck has also appeared and developed in many countries: Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, … However, not as strong as in many Western countries.

Another proof for the development of food truck is the prohibition laws. In the US and the UK, because of ensuring normal operation for restaurants, food trucks will be banned from operating in front of restaurants and hotels. At the same time, the food truck can only operate in streets with the amount of passersby, the amount of traffic is low.

Development potential of food truck in Vietnam

In Vietnam, there have been trucks selling food appear but the development of food truck is still limited by many reasons:

There are no separate policies for food truck, regulations on hygiene and food safety with food trucks that have not been developed or perfected.

Food truck belongs to a small business model. However, it is cost a lot of cost to buy a truck in Vietnam. If there is a truck, people can switch to another job that is more profitable.

Vietnamese streets are not too wide to be able to display a food truck. Food truck will be very difficult to move and find the ideal position to work.

The strength of traditional food selling types in Vietnam: street vendors, sidewalks, sales on bicycles, motorcycles, … are very developed. Food truck can hardly find in the market.

Food truck is one of the interesting forms of F&B business, can gain high profits. They are growing in the world. In Vietnam, although there are many restrictions, I hope that in the near future, we can enjoy the unique and delicious dishes sold on these trucks!

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