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What is front desk? Standard selection of front desk in hotel

Decorating the lobby of a hotel is not a simple job. From the smallest details must be selected, meticulous design. Including the selection of front desk in the lobby. So what is the front desk? What are the standards for selecting the front desk in the hotel? What is the standard for choosing a front desk size?

What is front desk?

What is front desk?  Front desk is the term used to refer to the reception desk – the long table is placed in the lobby of the hotel, restaurant, … This is the area for reception, cashier, reservation … stand to work in shift.

In the hotel, the front desk is the place to check-in, check-out, pay, … the front desk is located in the hotel lobby. This is considered the face of the hotel, helping the hotel get a good first impression from customers. Through the front desk form, the hotel also shows its class and scale.

For large hotels, the reception will reflect the overall room of the hotel and the messages that the hotel wants to convey. Therefore, the more eye-catching and luxurious the front desk design is, the more impressive it is for customers.

Front desk là gì? (khách sạn Church Boutiqe hotel -Hà Nội)
What is front desk? (Church Boutique hotel-Hanoi hotel)

7 selection criteria for front desk – hotel reception

Each hotel is often extremely careful and meticulous when choosing the design of the front desk. However, the choice of style, size of reception must depend on many factors: area, layout, hotel style, …

What are the standard table size of front desk?

The large size reception counters will have more diverse and luxurious designs. However, not every hotel has a hall large enough to place large front desk tables. Therefore, when choosing the front desk table, must select the table size suitable for the area of ​​the hotel lobby.

Table height must be appropriate to the height of the staff and the average height of the guest. Hotels with a majority of guests are European tourists, so the front desk must higher from 5 to 10cm.

The front desk desk size must match other furniture in the lobby area. In the lobby, the front desk also has tables and chairs for guests, flower vase etc. The size of the front desk must be in harmony with these furniture.

The hotel class and expected number of guests are also factors that affect the desk size of the front desk. If the number of guests is expected to be large, there must be a large reception desk to welcome many guests at the same time.

How to choose the style of hotel reception desk?

The reception desk currently has three basic designs: rectangular (I-shaped), L-shaped and arc-shaped.

Hotels with small halls should choose a table with an I shape. The sides of the counter are open and convenient for travel.

Hotels with large halls, large hotels scale should choose front desk with arc or L shape. This kind of reception desk can stand many people: reception, cashier, booking, …

How to choose colors for the hotel front desk

Tiêu chuẩn lựa chọn quày lễ tân khách sạn (khách sạn Aira Sapa)Tiêu chuẩn lựa chọn quày lễ tân khách sạn (khách sạn Aira Sapa)
Standard selection of hotel front desk (Aira Sapa hotel)

The reception desk colors are often designed in harmony with the color of the lobby area and the interiors here. At the same time, the desk color front desk must ensure the following elements: highlight, create accents, harmonize with hotel style …

Luxury hotels often choose front desk with brown, black, sepia… Elegant and modern hotels often choose a light brown, white reception, etc. Boutique hotels often have tables cold front desk: blue, gray, …

Currently, the hotel owners also pay attention to feng shui issues when decorating the hotel. The color of the reception is often chosen to be both beautiful and suitable for the hotel owner.

Select front desk table material in the hotel

Popular materials that many popular hotels choosing is wood. These include: 3-layer PU coated industrial wood, Laminate coated wood, Vacuum pressed wood with Melamine, … These materials have the advantage of a beautiful glossy surface, easy to shape,High durability, good resistance to mold and moisture.

In Vietnam, with monsoon tropical climate, high rainfall and high humidity, the reception counters made of the above materials can better resist the environmental impacts.

Select the indispensable items at the reception

On and in the front desk must have computers, vending machines, printers, filing cabinets, flower vases, desk phones, books and newspapers, some decorations, etc. When choosing the reception desk, it is necessary to pay attention to the style and space to be able to place these items and still have a working space for staff and guests.

Some notes when choosing the front desk hotel

According to feng shui, the reception should not be too far from the entrance. The ideal distance from the counter to the entrance is 3-5m. Depending on the area of ​​the counter to choose the appropriate distance.

If the counter cannot be placed close to the wall, create a wall behind the counter. This is considered a solid support, facilitating the hotel business.

When decorating the reception, don’t place sharp objects on the counter. It is considered unfortunate.

Choose a simple front desk design. Do not mount, hang hotel names or logos on the front desk front to avoid confusion. Should hang them on the wall behind the front desk.

Currently, the front desk is more and more modern, luxurious and impressive designs. Imitation stone style, fake wood, glass cover, … are chosen by many hotels. I hope that with the above information about the front desk and how to choose the front desk will helpful for readers in work.

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