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What is guest service? How to reach 100 points service hotels

Hotel business success not only depend on the facilities, the price but the quality of the services, especially guest services, must also make customers satisfied. What is guest service? How to deploy guest service in the hotel properly, get 100 points from customers?

What is guest service?

Guest service means customer service. Guest service is not only carried out during the time when the customer uses the service, but also takes place before and after the customer uses the product.

The purpose of guest service is to make customers most satisfied. Implementing guest services includes tasks: receiving feedback from guests; ask visitors’ reviews about products; resolve complaints for guests; actively take care of customers; …

Guest service là gì?
What is guest service?

What is a customer service?

Customer service is another way of guest service. Both of these calls mean customer service.

In the hotel, customer care is very important. As information technology evolves today, responding to feedback back in the hotel is also within the scope of customer service.

How to reach 100 points guest service in the hotel

Deploying a guest service in a hotel plays an important role in business. The impression and appreciation of customers helps hotels have higher ratings, better business, more patrons … So how do guest service in hotels be appreciated?

Every employee is a guest service agent

People often assume that taking care of customers is the task of reception, marketing, guest service agents. However, a hotel with a guest service is perfect, guest service must be done by all hotel staff.

As mentioned, guest services are implemented both before, during and after customers use hotel services. Therefore, when staying at a hotel, every employee from the FO, BO, housekeeping or F&B department must take the best effort to complete their work to make customers happy.

Suppose when all services in the hotel are perfect. But only when the customer uses the TV for a long time and cannot find the remote control. Just such a small thing is enough to make customers poorly evaluate your hotel.

Understand customers’ wishes

When communicating and introducing services to customers, they must base on their desire to introduce suitable services. Most guests want to choose the services that suit their budget. Therefore, please recommend the most beneficial services and products for customers.

Currently, in order to receive more bonus commissions, many visitors in the hotel often only offer expensive services and products; Urge visitors to use charged services in the hotel. This can make customers feel bothered and awkward.

Cách triển khai dịch vụ khách hàng trong khách sạn
How to deploy customer service in the hotel

Actively serve customers

Making customers satisfied and most satisfied is not only doing the right things that customers demand. 100 guest service points are required to do what you want. The hotel staff does not serve customers passively but must actively introduce the services that guests will need, will search.

In order to do this, employees must be quick and able to capture good customer psychology. Training of employees must be conducted in a professional and methodical manner.

Prioritizing the care of customers’ emotions

When customers feel frustrated, upset about a service or product in the hotel, the staff handling the situation must be enthusiastic, apologize urgently and take quick measures. Even if the hotel is not a faulty party, employees still have to be clever to please customers. Absolutely no argument, loud voice or poor attitude to customers.

Serve fairly with every customer

Customers come to the hotel including many different objects: regular guests, VIP guests, long-stay guests, high-spending guests, foreign guests, domestic guests, etc. However, no matter what guests, hotel staff are, they must have an equal attitude. It is a service attitude enthusiastic, thoughtful, meticulous even fastidious customers or customers do not tip.

The righteous service is extremely necessary in big hotels and in the case of the presence of two or more different guests. Every customer, big or small, is likely to be the potential source of the hotel. They themselves may not spend too much, but their reviews and recommendations can help the hotel have more guests.

Regularly collect customer feedback

The hotel reviews and feedback are a solid basis for the hotel to innovate and improve the quality of its services. Therefore, the hotel must focus on customer service after the customer leaves.

In addition to asking customers for comments about the hotel’s services as soon as the guest is about to leave, the hotel can regularly monitor customer reviews on hotels at booking sites. , travel forums …

Recording and implementing modifications based on customer opinions will make them feel valued. From there satisfied and there are high reviews with the hotel.

Guest services are increasingly appreciated when competition in the hospitality industry is becoming more and more powerful. Moreover, as more and more new forms of accommodation emerge: hostel, BnB, motel, … hotels have to increase guest service to dominate the market, creating a foothold for themselves.

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