Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

What is hotel scales? Why must equip scales in the hotel room?

The hotel room equipment is extremely diverse. In it, there are quite strange things, seemingly impossible to appear in the hotel: hotel scales. So what is a hotel scale? Why should we equip scales in the hotel? Where to buy? How to choose quality scales?

What is hotel scales?

What is hotel scales? Hotel scales are one of the devices, are often placed in each hotel room or lobby area, reception in the hotel. The main effect of the scale in the hotel is to help guests measure the luggage weight before moving to the airport.

In addition, tenants or hotel staff can use hotel scales for other purposes: monitoring body weight, laundry scales, …

Cân khách sạn là gì? Tại sao phải trang bị cân trong khách sạn?
What is hotel scales? Why must we equip scales in the hotel room?

Scale types are commonly used in hotels today 

Scale in the hotel usually has 2 main types: health scales and mini portable scales.

Weigh hotel scale

Hotel health scales are electronic scales with squares or rectangles. Users can place objects to weigh on the scale table. The kg will be displayed as a watch with a pointer or electronic watch.

Health scales often have a wide weight table design, which can be used by adults. Due to lightness, ease of movement and eye-catching design, health scales are very popular in high-class hotel rooms, pharmacies, hospitals.

Mini handheld scales in the hotel

Also known as hand luggage scales. This type of scale in this hotel usually only measure luggage. Because they do not have a weighing table, only the rod shows the weight and the hanger.

This type of scale has a very wide weight range from 5kg to 100kg. Due to its compact size and convenience, portable electronic scales are very popular in the market as well as in hotels.

Cân cầm tay mini trong khách sạn thường được bảo quản bởi bellman
Mini handheld scales in the hotel are usually preserved by bellman

Location of scales in the hotel

Scale in hotels is often equipped in the following locations:

In every hotel room: In high-class hotels and resorts , each room is equipped with hotel scales. If placed in a rest room, the scale used is usually a health scale.

Lobby area, hotel reception desk: Small and medium hotels often do not equip each room. Instead, they place a scale at the check-out counter area to help customers measure luggage while preparing to go to the airport.

Spa area, Gym room: Many hotels are weighing in these locations so customers can easily monitor their weight and health before and after each training session.

Bellman , the hotel weight luggage officer: The portable scales, mini scales will be kept by the luggage, bellman hotels. Thus, customers can use scales right at the lobby, at the same time, saving space and convenience for moving and storing scales.

In addition, at many foreign hotels, health scales are also placed in each hotel bathroom.

Note when weighing luggage for customers with reception, bellman hotel

Bellman, the receptionist, who is responsible for weighing luggage for guests, should remember the regulations on the weight of some typical airlines to Vietnam. At the same time, the regulations on things to bring on the plane also need to be clear to be ready to explain, give advice when customers need.

Each different airline will have its own regulations on the weight of passengers’ luggage. Therefore, before weighing, please ask the airline clearly and the passenger ticket class. Based on the above information of each airline to provide reasonable advice for customers.

If it detects a customer’s weight of just over 1-2kg, it may be advisable to wear some heavy clothing on people to avoid being overweight, to buy a new baggage package.

If the weight is too excessive, can not be solved by wearing on the body, please ask the customer to come to the luggage department to solve.

Cân hành lý cho khách trước khi ra sân bay là một trong những tác dụng chủ yếu của cân khách sạn
Mesuring luggage for guests before going to the airport is one of the main effects of hotel scales


What is the advice on choosing a hotel scale?

What is the choice of hotel scales? Star Solutions offers a few tips for the hotel to choose the type of room scale:

If it is a 4-5 star high-class hotel, it is recommended to select a square scale hotel set in each room. This type of scale is larger in size, less get lost than portable scales.

If you want to place a health balance at the reception, gym; hotels receptionist should also choose square scales to avoid misplacement. At the same time, it is possible to weigh people and luggage more easily.

Hand-held scale is only used for weighing luggage. When selecting a mini hotel portable scale, only select scales from 5-50kg to easily lift up. Preserving this type of scale should also be assigned to a specific employee to avoid misplacement of hotel supplies.

Good scales are scales with low errors. However, the lower the error, the higher the product cost. Usually the error of the hotel scale will range from 50-100g.

Choose hotel scales from reputable international brands. At the same time, select suppliers of prestigious hotel utensils in the market.

Where to buy hotel health scales reputable?

As a supplier of prestigious hotel equipment and devices in Vietnam, Star Solutions provides a wide range of hotel room equipment. In it, there are electronic hotel scales with many types and designs.

Health scales at Star Solutions have low errors, many are imported from foreign countries and fully warranted. Mini portable scales with a maximum weight of 5-100kg. Compact weight design, convenient pocket and sturdy hook can be removed.

In addition, we also provide a number of related products: hotel blood pressure monitor, massage machine used in hotels, …

Hotel scales are not an indispensable important item in every hotel, but this product is increasingly present in hotels. It’s not only shows the class, the professionalism of the hotel but also helps the customer better serve; thereby giving better reviews about the hotel.

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