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What is Housekeeping? Find out about housekeeping department at the hotel

In the hotel, if FO is known to serve the hotel lobby area; BO is the backstage block, Housekeeping is a part to ensure the hygiene of room block. So what is housekeeping? What is the job of the housekeeping department in the hotel? The small part of housekeeping department.

What is housekeeping?

What is housekeeping? Housekeeping is the term used to refer to hotel rooms. This department has the main task of ensuring hygiene and tidy areas for rooms; setup all amenities in accordance with the hotel’s regulations; sanitation of public areas; cleaning linen in the hotel and the guests using the laundry service, … This is an important part of the hotel operation. Income from room service usually accounts for 60% of a hotel’s total income.

Housekeeping là gì?
What is housekeeping?

What is Housekeeper?

Housekeeper or also called housekeeping staff is a term used to refer to cleaning staff, directly under the hotel housekeeping department. People often call a housekeeper as an employee of a hotel room.

The main task of the hotel room staff is to ensure rooms are always clean and fully equipped. They also have to check the presence of equipment in the room before guests check-out the hotel.

Parts under the hotel Housekeeping department

Hotels with different levels and different sizes will have their own hotel layout department. However, there are 4 basic parts that are indispensable, laundry department, public parts and office department.

What is Room Attendant ?

Room Attendant is the English name of the hotel room cleaner. The people in this group have the main task of cleaning the room; checking and maintaining equipment in the room; set up amenities in the room; check, keep lost and found (forgotten items) of tenants …

Hotel laundry department

The laundry department is also a small part of housekeeping hotel. Laundry department includes Laundry service and Uniform. Therefore, in addition to collecting cloth, paying fabric for customers, the laundry team also to collect and clean the uniforms of the entire staff in the hotel. In addition, interior fabrics also need to be cleaned: curtains, bedding, carpets, towels, …

What is Public Area Attendant?

Public Area Attendant is also known as the public department, the floor department. This is the part that assures the hygiene of public areas in the hotel: hallways, halls, staff rooms, lockers, …

What is Housekeeping Officer?

Housekeeping Officer is the office and administrative department under the hotel management department. Housekeeping Officer is responsible for recording records and documents under the management of housekeeping department: records of borrowing / returning customers, lost and found items, …; contact the Reception department, check the check-in time, check-out time of the guest to prepare in time; …

Conditions to become a staff of the hotel housekeeping department

Interview hotel housekeeping, you do not have to have many excellent qualifications. However, the following elements are indispensable for room staff:

Employees of hotel cleaning must have good health

Every day, especially in crowded days during high season, staff in the room must complete a large amount of work. They not only have to constantly move through the rooms but also have to constantly bend over to do cleaning, pushing cars, stuffing, …. Therefore, the staff of the chamber room should be in good health to be able to complete the work.

The staff of the chamber room must be meticulous and careful

The daily work of the staff of the hotel cleaning department is to ensure the cleanliness of the hotel; the adequacy of the equipment; … Therefore, when working, pay close attention to every small detail.

Frequently contact with the items of the guests (cleaning the room) and the equipment of the hotel, the staff of the housekeeping department must be meticulous and gentle to avoid damaging and losing the guests’ property and the hotel .

Communication skills for housekeeping staff

Although not often have to communicate, talk with customers like receptionists, bellman, … but the housekeeping department must still have short contact with customers when working. Communication skills of housekeeping staff do not need to be too good but must meet the conditions: polite attitude, expressive, fresh and enthusiastic when talking to guests.

Honestly is an essential element for room staff

Employees of the hotel, especially the Room Attendant, are those who have a lot of contact with customers’ assets. In it, there are many valuable assets. Dishonest employees will easily emerge bad intentions with the property of the guests.

The robbery of the guests caused by the housekeeping staff was not a rare thing. These things not only cause trouble for guests but also negatively affect the image and reputation of the hotel.

Currently, the staff of the hotel cleaning department is also a well-targeted position. Because staff salaries housekeeping hotel is not low. In addition to fix salaries, housekeeping also get other surcharges: bonus, tip, service charge, … Moreover, this is the same job with many development opportunities, advancement with positions: Suppervisor, Assistant, Deputy, Executive, …

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