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What is Internship? Find out about hotel internship

In the hotel, in addition to the official staff in the department, there are many other forms of staff. These include: seasonal staff, casual staff, partime staff and even internships. In this article, Star Solutions introduce  internship, the parts of the hotel restaurant  that Internship can work. The salary of the internship at the hotel restaurant.

What is Internship?

What is Internship? Internship is a term used to refer to a trainee position, also known as an intern in an agency or business. This is a common position for third year students, senior students or new graduates. The purpose of the internship is for young people, students to contact and get acquainted with the work. From there, improve career skills, put the theories that have been learned in the school to the reality.

For restaurants, hotels, the recruitment of internship into work is very popular. In addition to working as an internship, students can also work partime or casual in parts at the restaurants and hotels.

During internships in 3rd and 4th years, work at the internship site in addition to providing experience and material income, students can also receive assessments and grades from restaurant and hotel managers. From there, improve academic achievement.

Internship là gì?
What is Internship?

Internship at restaurants and hotels

In restaurants, hotels, there are many trainee position. From the office block, the professional block or the department that needs many skills: the kitchen and the technical have the positions for the internship. Depending on the major, the future job that they want to do to choose different internship position.

If you study restaurant and hotel management, you can start as a trainee in the Reception department, serve a table, bellman , … If you study business, marketing, you can also try it from the smallest staff. In addition, additional staff, kitchen, bar, room, etc. are also the internship position where restaurants and hotels regularly recruit.

Phụ bếp, phụ bar, lễ tân, phục vụ bàn, ... đều có thể làm interrnship
Kitchen assistant, bar, reception, table service, etc. can work as an intern

What are the benefits of internship?

Internship not only brings benefits for employees, students, trainees but also brings many benefits for the restaurants and hotels recruit internship.

What are the benefits of internship for trainees

For students, trainees, internship, there are many benefits:

Be exposed to real work, get acquainted and experience future work. Since then, given with the right decisions about careers later.

Accumulating experience, the opportunity to go further in work later.

When doing well, the intern has the opportunity to become a full-time employee, with many promotion opportunities.

For students, when doing internship, the effort will help you get high appreciation from your manager, superiors, and instructors. From there, get a high internship, improve learning outcomes and achievements.

Internship is also entitled to receive income: salary, hot bonus, tip , … Although not as full and full as the official staff, however, for the students, young people just graduated, this is not a small number.

Thực tập sinh trong khách sạn cần những điều gì?
What criteria that a hotel interns need?

Role of internship with hotel restaurant

Every hotel requires young, dynamic and creative human resources. The internship recruitment and choosing for themselves the qualified staff is considered a “new blood source” in the human resources system of restaurants and hotels.

Internship staff are trained from reliable sources of prestigious universities, colleges, and intermediate schools. They have strong professional knowledge. Therefore, the ability to work is relatively good.

Internship helps hotels save costs for official personnel. Because the salary of hotel staff is not high. Only from 1-3 million. Even many hotels provide only one meal, parking and a small portion of the gas cost for the internship without any other salary. Compared to the official staff, the hotel will not have to pay additional fees for internship: insurance, service charge , etc. Thus, the hotel restaurant will save a considerable cost …

It can be said that internship recruitment is a win-win job with both hotels and trainees.

Things to pay attention to hotel restaurant interns

Working attitude of the internship

Internship work brings many benefits to trainees. However, in order to get those benefits, the internship must first work with a serious attitude. As a trainee, most of you have to start from small jobs, not in line with professional skills: taking tea, photo, running table, … even without any task. However, don’t be discouraged. For an internship, your guidance and superior top concern is the working attitude. Follow by other factors.

The attitude of an intern depend on the right time at work; sociable with people; self-discipline in work; …

Learning spirit of trainees

Do not be afraid to learn, curious. Because this is a priority benefit for internship only. When there is anything you don’t understand, the internship can freely ask your colleagues and your superiors. Work as an intern is the time that you can ask without any work issues, from the smallest problem. Because this is an apprenticeship time; The competition is still low, not sharp and clear. Moreover, through questioning, superiors can also assess an employee’s working attitude and competence.

Relationship with colleagues

Keeping a good relationship with colleagues is essential for any employee. Including the trainee. This not only helps the internship be more convenient in work but also can learn a lot from its own colleagues.

The internship time is very important for a young student. Through this time, you can objectively evaluate your future work. At the same time, bringing many relationships, many valuable working experiences, can help greatly to the future later.

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